Arctis Pro Gaming Headset Certified Hi-Res Audio

Entertainment is a necessary part of one’s life otherwise boring & hectic routine will affect badly on health. Hence, there should be some extra-curricular activities in one’s life. Gaming is a very good option to keep yourself entertained. So, if you are here reading this article, you would be a gamer and want to buy a gaming headset for yourself. But wait, are you confused about buying one from various options available? This problem has arisen due to such great competition among the various brands.  Arctis Pro Gaming Headset is recommended.

You do not need to have any worries. We are always at your back to get you out of such problems. We welcome you to this very interesting article that will help you with your concerns. Since you do not have enough time for research, we have this job for you. We have brought one of the best gaming headsets after researching across the internet. We recommend you to have a glance at his product which is the Arctis Pro gaming headset. We hope that you will love the product.

Arctis Pro Gaming Headset Certified Hi-Res Audio At a Glance:

  1. <strong>Arctis Pro Gaming Headset</strong>

Arctis Pro Gaming Headset

Gaming Headphones


Available in 3 colors

Soft earmuffs

Soft snuff pad

Active noise cancellation

Good speakers range

Sensitive microphone



No Bluetooth connectivity

Little expensive

SteelSeries is no new name in the gaming era. It has become a name that is synonymous with the most advanced gaming accessories. They design their products after comprehensive research about the gamers’ requirements. The brand offers a wide range of gaming products ranging from gaming headsets and mice to adapters, Nintendo, wireless chargers, and CD-drive. Hence, they offer you a complete range of accessories you need to enhance your gaming experiences.

Talking particularly about Arctis Pro, it is a monstrous gaming headset that you would love to have. The first and foremost thing to tell you is that the headset is universally compatible with all the gaming devices in the market. These devices include XBOX One, PS4, PC, laptops, Nintendo, all tablet devices, and smartphones. So, you are requested to clear your concerns regarding the compatibility at first hand. It will work with the gaming device you have.

The box comes with a model name Arctis Pro. However, it is okay because companies sometimes use different nomenclature. Coming to its build and quality, the Arctis Pro measures 8.1 by 3.5 by 7.6 inches. The headset is very light in weight as compared to other similar products. The device promises comfort. Hence, you are not going to feel any burden on your head and feel relaxed even after a long gaming session.

The gaming headset comes in 3 colors. These colors include black, blue, and red. All these colors look amazingly good, especially the blue and black combination. The product is equipped with very cool LED lights that glow while you are gaming giving you a very pleasant experience. The size of the speakers is 50 mm and it works for frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 kHz.  This is a very good range for most of the games.

The speakers are attached with very soft earmuffs that will protect your eardrum and at the same time, provide good quality sound. A good quality snug pad attached beneath the headband protects your head from any kind of pressure. It also glows during gaming. The headset is equipped with a microphone. The microphone is also adjustable as per your requirements. The impedance of the microphone is 2.2 kHz.

The headset has an active noise cancellation feature enabling you to listen to very clear sounds. The speakers and microphone are highly sensitive. The microphone forwards a very clear sound by filtering the unnecessary noise. Similarly, the speakers also receive sounds and forward them to your ears after filtering them. Hence, it produces very precise sounds. You will love its sound quality.

There are certain buttons on the headset for controlling volume and power. You can connect your headset with an aux cable or USB cable. One drawback of this headset is that it does not come with Bluetooth connectivity. So, a little mess may be created while dealing with its wires. It comes with 49 inches long cable that is enough to restrict you from moving around and does not provide the freedom to move Bluetooth feature. You have to take little care so the wires do not tangle.

The style of the headset is very attractive. You cannot move your eyes after having a glance at it. Thus, the Arctis Pro gaming headset is stylish, fun, and functional at the same time.  The  Arctis Pro gaming headset does not come with a warranty. The absence of a warranty feature may create trust issues to some extent. However, the company is very reliable and offers very durable and good quality products. Apart, from this, all other features make this one of the best gaming headsets.


At this point, you have read the complete article regarding the best gaming headset. We have brought the best item for you. You have gone through its pros and cons. Also, you have read its features in detail. We assume that you have visualized the Arctis Pro gaming headset in your mind by reading out its design, colors, size, and features it comes with. You can check its price by clicking on Check price.

Since you would have identified your needs, you would have a clear picture of the ideal gaming headset. We wish our chosen item would fit your needs. If so, it is time you go to a web store, order your product, and enhance your gaming experiences with the Arctis Pro gaming headset. It will surely create an amazing gaming atmosphere around you. We wish you good luck!

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