8 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

No matter if you are working from home, taking your online class, or playing games with your friends, you would not appreciate the hubbub by your surroundings. Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic To suppress these unpleasant noises, you cannot pick any headphones and start using them. To avoid the hubbub created by your family members or things in the surroundings require a good quality noise canceling headset.

With an impressive variety of amazing headsets in the market, it gets a little tricky to find the perfect yet Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic for yourself. But, you don’t have to worry anymore and there is no need to use your old headphones since we have got you covered. Excited to know what are the best headphones that have exceptional noise canceling specifications? Keep on reading.

All of the eight products that we have reviewed in detail exhibit sound canceling ability that not only mutes the noise your neighbor’s lawn mowing machine makes but also isolates you from your own house murmurings.

Also, for people who are in a hurry to jump to our top pick and lack enough time to read all the explained specifications below, we have selected a top pick i.e., the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. This wireless headset from Bose is highly renowned for its incredible noise canceling ability. Moreover, the Bose Connect app makes it super easy to use and an exemplary 20 hours battery life can keep it running smoothly for longer working/gaming hours.

Now it’s time for the comparison table that will let you compare the unique features all these eight products have and how much they cost.

Let’s now start with the detailed review guide of all the aforementioned noise-canceling headphones.

8 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic At a Glance:

  1. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II
  2. Anker Sound core Life Q20
  3. Bose Gaming Headphone
  4. Sony WH-1000XM4
  5. Mpow M5 Pro Headset
  6. Sony WHCH710N
  7. Jabra Elite 85h Headphones
  8. Srhythm NC15 Headset

8 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic You Can Buy Today

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

Best Headphone and Gaming Headsets



3-level noise cancelation technology

Dual microphone system

Quick battery drainage

Boss is the leading manufacturing firm when it comes to audio devices more particularly headphones and gaming headsets. The repute of the firm in noise cancellation technology does not need any introduction since it is well recognized and widely spread across the globe.


Starting from the comfort of using this device, this headphone is coming with memory foam and padded cushions that allow it to be worn for many years. This headset is coming with the world-class noise cancellation technology that is the heart of these headphones.
This headset has three levels of noise cancellation which is far enhanced than the rivals coming at a similar price tag. Speaking of the price made us state its affordability since coming from the Boss manufacturing firm is usually accompanied by skyrocketed price tags.
But this headset is completely different and has a very affordable price tag which makes it more popular in the market. The noise-rejecting microphone is another important thing to mention about this device. These dual microphones will be best suited for video calling and gaming.


This comfortable and affordable noise-reducing headset is a popular choice by thousands of users and is highly able to satisfy the needs of users with its efficient and effective performance.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Anker Sound core Life Q20

Best Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone

Bluetooth and RF connectivity

Ambient noise reduction

ANC Microphone

Strong bass

Volume controls are a bit off reach

Anker is also a very prestigious firm in the audio world and the strength of these devices lies in their efficiency and sound quality which is unrivaled in the market with a similar price structure. These audio devices have a plethora of features that are the main reason behind their solid customer base.


This headphone is a feature-enriched product that is not just about noise reduction technology but has a whole lot of amazing specs to make a good and desired performance for the buyers.
This headset has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and to make the connections more flexible and convenient, this product also supports radio frequency connectivity which will help reduce the battery draining.
This device also has ANC Microphones which are the most reputed technical specs for digital active noise. This will give the users the benefits of enjoying acoustic sound with pleasing quality to the ears. These headphones also feature stronger bass which is an extra line in improving the sound quality of these headphones.


This amazing quality headphone is an important product that will be a perfect choice for gaming and other fields where users have to put in the whole attention to audio coming through the headsets.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Bose Gaming Headphone

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Wireless connectivity

Efficient battery life

Comfortable and durable

Unrivaled sound quality


Another of bose headphones coming into our selection of Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic just affirm the fact that bose is the real boss in the sound industry. This headset is the most advanced product on our list and has high-end features that are hard to find all together in other headsets.


The most praiseworthy feature about this headset is its digital noise cancellation technology which is comprising 11 levels as compared to the 3 or 5 levels of the rivals. These headphones are, therefore, the best choice for listening to podcasts, music, news, and other audio clips.
The sound quality of bose headphones is out of question and buyers must rest assured about the most pleasing and wonderful sound quality coming in this most advanced headphone in our selection of best buy noise-canceling headphones.
This headphone has all the modern technologies to make it a real pro in the field. Therefore it has all the desired features users can ask for. This headset is compatible with all the latest voice-controlled devices and techs like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.


This is the best headphone but it does demand a lot of fortune to be invested in its purchase. So, if you have enough fortune spared up with you then this is definitely, the most preferred choice among the Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Sony WH-1000XM4

Over-Ear Design Headphone

Comfortable overhead design

Voice commands

Built-in micro

Flip to mute


Sony is a trusted name in the market and most of its products are enjoying solid customer support be it in audio devices or other electronic household appliances. Sony has emerged as the most prestigious manufacturing firm in the consumer markets for electronic products of which audio and video devices are the best example.


This wireless headphone has a whole plethora of features to impress its customers of which its noise-reducing technology is of prime importance. This headset is coming in an over-ear design and this adds to its comfort level and increases usability.
This headset is considered the best for voice and video calls since it has the best in the class inbuilt microphones. These microphones allow users to go completely hands-free and enjoy the acoustic voice for their daily use.
All the voice commanding tools and techs are compatible with this product. Furthermore, its advanced technology and noise reduction add an extra layer to its practicality and appeal. This is a pricey item but considering the rivals and their premium features, these headphones are worth the money.


This visually appealing headset is nothing less than the Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic. Their efficiency, effectiveness, and unrivaled performance, all make it worthy of investment.

Best Gaming Headphones With Mic

Mpow M5 Pro Headset

Best Gaming Headphone With Mic

Portable charging base

Slim and sleek design

All-day comfortable wearing

Long battery life

Single headpiece design

Mpow is not that popular firm when it comes to audio devices but the manufacturers have been able to put up a good show in recent years manufacturing some of the finest quality products which have greatly enticed the customers and critiques. This model is one of their best-selling products and enjoys a solid standing in the market due to its practical and effective approach.


This unique headphone has a distinguished appearance from the rest of its competitors. It has a complete package that provides it with all the necessary to give the buyer a fun-packed and joyous experience.
This headphone has a charging base coming with it which provides it with a portable charger to let the users completely charge it whenever and wherever they want to. This single headpiece has a durable metallic microphone.
This microphone is removable and is best suited for voice and video calls such as Skype calls and other video conferencing projects. Other than these features noise-reducing technology is an absolute feature of these Buy Best Gaming Headphones With Mic.


This extremely affordable and efficient product will provide many benefits to the buyers other than noise reduction and efficient sound quality. Therefore, these headphones ought to have a try at all costs.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Sony WHCH710N

Sony Best Noise Canceling Headphone

Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity

Amazing sound quality

Comfortable over-ear design


Volume controls are not user friendly

This is the second Sony headphone appearing in the collection of Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic and this makes it evident that Bose is facing its leading competitor in the shape of Sony products. This headset is different from its kin members in terms of its price tag and relative technical specifications.


This is a wireless headphone that features Bluetooth and radio frequency connectivity to let the users experience a portable and clutter-free entertainment device. The appearance of this product is more than enough to provide insight into a heavy-duty item.
This very trendy and fancy-looking headset has volume controls mounted on its relative terminals. This over-the-ear headset has the longest battery life, which is the single reason for its wide acknowledgment in the market.
This headset offers 35 long-lasting hours of battery life, which lets the users experience joy for more than a day without worries of charging or recharging the device. Its metal slides provide the ears with a very comfortable and cozy tool that makes it convenient for long durations of use.


This cost-effective yet amazingly cool headphone is worthy of praise and has the potential of topping the Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Jabra Elite 85h Headphones

Jabra Elite 85h Best Headphone

Unique design

Long battery life

Wireless connectivity


Built-in microphone

Reasonably priced

The sound quality is not the best

Jabra tends to appear as another lesser-known brand but its repute in the recent few years is facing an upward surge compelling customers and critics to have a careful look into the product description of their products. This headset is an elite model of their manufacturing firm and is no exception to their legacy of producing affordable yet effective electronic devices.


This heavy-duty headset has a strong and bulky appearance which makes it possible to attract serious candidates who are looking for a long-lasting and durable product. The outlook of this headset is a bit strange from its rivals but it gives it a unique and distinguished touch.
It is made up of titanium, which makes it the most durable in our selection, and to make it most comfortable manufacturers have added memory foam as its padded appearance. These ear cups will be aiding in its cozy yet convenient experience.
This device is compatible with all android and iOS platforms and has built-in microphones, which are better suited for phone calls and other voice commands. Speaking of the voice commands recalls its compatibility with Alexa, Sir, and Google assistant.


This budget-friendly and feature-packed headset is a powerful audio device that is very user-friendly and convenient to wear. It has long-lasting battery life with a durable titanium construction and obviously, an aesthetic outlook.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Srhythm NC15 Headset

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

Built-in microphone

Enhanced battery life

Quick recharging

Great sound quality

Not a very pleasing outlook

This headphone is the last item in our selection of Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic. It is a durable and efficient item that has the potential of being the with if has a couple of add-ons and upgraded features.


This is a perfect audio device except that the outlook is not as pleasing to the eyes as of other models. This outlook is giving glimpses of a traditional device that lacks padded memory foam at the sliders and neck support. Therefore, it will not be that comfortable to wear for long hours.
The strength of this product is in its battery life and its quick recharging capabilities. This headphone has oval memory foam at the earcups along with the softly padded headband. This makes it quite cozy and comfortable but still, it needs to have a break after every 1 to 2 hours.
This break will allow the ears to rest for it and avoids the health risks associated with listening to music all day long. Its dual headphones provide it with an excellent chance of hands-free listening and its active noise canceling technology makes it eliminates unwanted sounds with the ease of a blink.


This reasonably priced headphone set offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity with compatibility to voice commands and has built-in microphones to act as the cheery on top. All of its features make it a worthy candidate to invest your hard-earned bucks.

Buyer Guide:              Things to look upon in the Best buy noise-canceling headphones

The market is flooded with many quality headphones of which plenty are offering to cancel technology. This is a good thing to have numerous options as the chances of finding the best one are increased. But this demands extraneous efforts as nothing worth having comes easy. But in this fast-paced lifestyle, it is not possible to go through all the products to determine the best and most effective ones.

So, we have come up with our buying guide to help you overcome this difficulty and find out the necessary features to look up in noise-canceling headphones.

The efficiency of sound reduction

The foremost thing to notice in noise-canceling technology is the efficiency of the technology to see whether it is of good use or not.  Most of noise cancellation devices are not completely efficient enough to block out all the ambient noise and therefore it is of prime importance to determine the worth of noise cancellation.

Many high-end noise cancellation headphones have effective noise cancellation and therefore you must go for those devices that have enough strength to give you the maximum benefits.

Sound quality

When it comes to headphones, the first thing that comes to the mind of users is the sound quality. Everyone wants to know whether the sound coming out of these devices is good and pleasing enough or not. Sound quality is the significant factor that will help you in enjoying the music.


Another worthy consideration before buying headphones is the comfort of wearing them for a long. Since headphones are required to be worn for long durations and it is associated with many risks of neck stiffening and headaches are the most frequent. But if you have a comfortable headset that has a padded and cushioned appearance with memory foam, the comfort level increases, and risks are reduced.

Battery life

Wireless headphones are the most commonly used noise cancellation audio devices and this is helpful in various ways to increase fun and joy. But what comes hindering the fun is the battery life of these devices. If you have a headphone that has good battery life you can use it anywhere and anytime for long hours. Therefore, go for the headphone that offers you the highest battery life and slowest drainage.


Finding a pair of headphones sounds like a piece of cake but when you are looking for the Buy Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic with excellent sound quality, it requires a bit of research. There are several kinds of noise canceling headphones and we are confident that our detailed review guide was able to help you in finding the headphones quite to your liking that fulfills all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best noise Canceling headphones to buy?

Bose QuietComfort 35 II is the best noise canceling headset coming from the Boss store. This heavy-duty headset is offering Bluetooth and wireless connectivity along with built-in voice commands and noise reduction technology.

Is it worth buying Noise Canceling headphones?

Yes, for sure, noise-canceling headsets are worth the money since they will reduce the ambient noise and let the users focus on the internal sounds. Noise-canceling headphones are not only good in terms of their ambiance and sound control but also have excellent sound quality.

Do noise Cancelling headphones block all sound?

The straightforward answer to this query is simply no. this is because noise cancellation technology is based on blocking out the low-pitched noises or sounds from the surroundings which are regarded as unworthy and unwanted sounds. But the high-pitched and high-frequency sound will still be heard through the high-end noise-canceling headphones.

Why can I still hear with noise Cancelling headphones?

Noise-canceling headphones can not block out all the sound coming from the surroundings but they do prevent low-pitched sound to reach the ears. That’s why users will still be listening to sound across their surroundings if the frequency and pitch of the sound are too high to block.

Are noise Cancelling headphones better than earplugs?

Noise-canceling headphones prevent the sound triggers to stimulate the auditory senses to perceive only high-pitched sounds while earplugs will prevent any damage to the ears as they can prevent the high-frequency sounds.