8 Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands

Gaming is now a trend and makes your time full of entertainment; even a few people are holding it as a profession. The mouse is an important part of Gaming, which a gamer holds in his hand and keeps the work going. Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands gives your finger an amazing grip and enables you to play smoothly.

In this article, we have selected a few Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands, for discussion. These products come with their own advanced, distinguished qualities along with trendy features. But, if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, then must look at the top pick of our article, Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse.

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Gaming Mouse
Best PickRazer DeathAdder V2
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Cooler Master Gaming Mouse
MM710 53G
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Gaming Mouse
Staff PickLogitech G903
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FPS Gaming Mouse
Logitech G Pro
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Optical Gaming Mouse
ASUS Wireless
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Awesome Gaming Tool
Budget PickCorsair M55Corsair M55
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Wireless Gaming Mouse
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RGB Gaming Mouse
ASUS Optical
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Our selected Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands possesses the top qualities, among all the contemporary items. They come with an amazing fingertip grip plus are best to hold your hand properly and keep it in a relaxed position for a long period. Read the whole article to gather detailed knowledge of these items.

But at first, have a look at the comparison table below for an understanding of the main distinguishing features;

The list below will give you the whole idea about our selected best gaming mouse for a fingertip grip. Their structure and precious features are well explained with all other required details of the products. These products are manufactured according to the requirements of customers, to facilitate you up to the best.

Read the whole article to better understand the products, and enables yourself to choose the best fit for you.

8 Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands At a Glance:

  1. Razer DeathAdder V2
  2. MM710 53G
  3. Logitech G903
  4. Logitech G Pro
  5. ASUS Wireless
  6. Corsair M55Corsair M55
  7. FOME I720
  8. ASUS Optical

Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands You Can Buy Today

Best Pick

Razer DeathAdder V2

Gaming Mouse

100% PTFE mouse feet

Focus and 20k optical sensor

Optical mouse switch

Ultra-lightweight design

Razer Speed flex cables

Not much suitable for small hands

This product is very popular among its kind because of its exceptional ergonomic design. It is super comfortable to use and The buttons fit your fingers well and allow your fingers to rest in the grooves hence enabling you to enjoy the non-stop gaming experience. It’s made of high-quality material which allows it to last longer.

Coming down to talk about its features, Razer DeathAdder V2 is extremely lightweight with only 6.4 ounces along with the dimensions of 2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches. This feature makes it stand among our list of best gaming mice for a fingertip grip.  Reduced cursor drifts from lift-off and landing for industry-leading precision is possible with Auto-calibrates across the mouse mat.

Also, registering button presses at the speed of light, the New Razer optical mouse switches use light beam-based actuation making it perfect for a long gaming battle. it comes with Customizable, Immersive, Chroma RGB Lighting. Ensuring consistent lift-off and accuracy, it automatically calibrates itself across different surfaces.

Lastly, Razer Synapse 3 allows for button remapping and the assignment of complex macro functions. Reducing weight and drag for absolute control, Razer Speed flex cables eliminate the need for mouse bungees. it works well with claw and fingertip styles and is perfectly suited for a palm grip making it one of the best available out there.

MM710 53G

Cooler Master Gaming Mouse


Ultra weave cable

OMRON switches

Gaming grade sensor

Ergonomic shape



DPI controlling problems

This gaming mouse comes with a sleek design perfect for a long-time gaming battle against your enemy. It comes in different cool colours including glossy black, matte black, glossy white, etc. it is designed for more comfort and improved performance as its motto is less pain and more game making it more desirable.

Now we are going to talk about its awesome features. First of all, we are going to talk about its weight which is not much with only 1.87 ounces along with 4.59 x 2.46 x 1.51 inches of dimensions. Supremely durable and lightweight, it is designed and engineered in a way so you can play longer without fatigue.

Besides, with low friction, and consistent glide PTFE material provides smooth control allowing you to play non-stop. Weight and cable pull while swiping are reduced to a great extent by Innovative ultra-weave cable so you will be fighting with your enemy and not with the cable pull. It comes with a 2mm Mouse Lift-Off Distance.

In the end, for greater control, precision, and future-proofing it is Adjustable up to 16000 DPI. This gaming mouse comes with 2 extra buttons for added convenience which is Optimized for right-handed gaming.  Omron switches are graded for 20 million left and right-click presses that remain accurate making it worth the money.

Staff Pick

Logitech G903

Gaming Mouse

Light speed wireless technology

✓Long battery life

Customizable design

Power play Wireless Charging Compatible


Double-clicking problem

This gaming mouse becomes prominent in our list of Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands because of its wireless capabilities. This product has a compact design and is lightweight. For competition-level twitch targeting, its wireless technology delivers incredible responsiveness. It is a perfect choice for a fatigue-free battle of gaming.

Talking about its weight, it is ultra-lightweight with only 3.88 ounces along with 2.83 x 6.89 x 5.35 inches of dimensions. G903 is ready to meet your exacting preferences with its flexible ambidextrous design and customizable lighting. It comes with a 1 ms report rate of light speed wireless technology enabling its fast action.

Coming down to its other awesome features, optical sensor zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200 12,000DPI) at speeds over 400 IPS, it all comes with this wireless gaming mouse. It has a battery life of 24 hours with default lighting and 32 hours with no lighting enabling it to last longer.

Last but not least, to keep G903 charged while at play and rest it has the capability of power-play Wireless Charging.  Including palm, claw, and fingertip grips the configurable button layout and ambidextrous design works with nearly any mouse grip style that allows for left or right-handed use so you can meet your match on the battlefield.

Logitech G Pro

FPS Gaming Mouse

Game driven light and sound

Advanced optical gaming sensor

Metal Spring Button Tensioning System


Six programmable buttons

Left-click problems

This product is again one of the best in this list of Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands because of its unique style and awesome features. This one is just perfect for you if you love playing competitive games and are constantly on a virtual battlefield. Its optical design and ultra-lightweight body provide you with incredibly fast action.

Listing its amazing features first we have its weight. This product weighs only 4.6 ounces which is much lighter than most of its kind along with the 1.5 x 7.56 x 4.59 inches dimensions. this compact enables it to take up little space on your gaming table. To provide you with exceptional tracking accuracy, it comes with the best optical sensor, PMW3366.

Another incredibly awesome feature of this device is that across the entire 200 to 12,000 DPI range it delivers at any hand speed for pixel-precise targeting and high-speed manoeuvres.  For ultra-consistent and reliable click performance at the highest level of competition, it is designed with Metal Spring Button Tensioning System.

Other than that, to match your style, team colours, and set-up, it is customizable with up to 16.8 million RGB lighting colours making it more reliable and compatible.  You can also synchronize it with other Logitech G gaming gear. To make it easy to set up/ store one-trigger custom commands for your games it comes with onboard memory and Six programmable buttons.

ASUS Wireless

Optical Gaming Mouse


ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting

ROG-exclusive switch socket


Dual wireless connectivity

Ergonomically designed


Bluetooth connectivity issues

This amazing gaming tool has dual wireless connectivity and an ergonomic right-handed design to ensure you stay comfortable. It allows fast action with its advanced and latest sensor technology. It is made with high-quality material which ensures its durability so you won’t be worrying about its quick replacement and spending a large sum of money.

This wireless optical gaming mouse weighs only 9.9 ounces and has dimensions of 5 x 2.6 x 1.8 inches making it easy to store when not in use.  You have the option to install the switch of your preferred operating force, and you can replace broken switches to extend the lifespan The ROG-exclusive switch socket design takes personalization to a whole new.

Besides, this gaming tool delivers the accuracy and speed you need to take down the opposition as it features a high-end optical gaming sensor. This is a gaming mouse that is optimized especially for palm, claw grip, or fingertip styles and fits snugly in the right hand all this is made possible by close collaboration with sports professionals.

Last but not least, its ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting takes style to the next level. It tracks movements up to a speed of 400 inches per second (IPS) with its 100- to 16,000-dpi sensor. It also enables you to enjoy a 1,000Hz polling rate. With an ever-growing portfolio of Aura-capable hardware, all illuminations can be synced. This gives you a truly personalized gaming den.

Budget Pick

Corsair M55Corsair M55

Awesome Gaming Tool

50 million click-rated Omron switches

12, 400 DPI optical sensor

Light and versatile design

Eight fully programmable buttons

high-accuracy tracking

The cue is a little clunky

This awesome gaming tool has an ambidextrous design that fits any grip or hand and offers game-winning versatility enabling you to play your favourite games without any trouble. It is constructed in a way that ensures durability and reliability. With its powerful Corsair iCUE software, you can take full control of the battlefield.

Its extremely lightweight design makes it prominent among the best gaming mouse for a fingertip grip. It weighs only 3.04 ounces along with 9.57 x 4.92 x 7.68 inches in dimensions. it comes in plain white colour making it look good with every desktop setting. It provides a comfortable grip with either hand with its versatile ambidextrous style.

Also, you can play at your highest level with its awesome speed and fight fearlessly with your virtual enemy.  With a 12, 400 DPI optical sensor for high-accuracy tracking, you can take precise control over your gaming. With 50 million click-rated Omron switches and a premium braided cable, it comes with a durable design.

In the end, withstand years of intense gaming sessions as it comes with the M55 RGB Pro. With eight fully programmable buttons for powerful macros and re-maps, you can create an in-game advantage. Stand up to any challenge with the M55 RGB PRO, no matter how you choose to play on the battlefield.


Wireless Gaming Mouse

20 months of battery life

2.4GHz Wireless Gaming

Comfort Precision

up to 30 (approx 98ft) meters connectivity

Power-saving Design

Right-click doesn’t work sometimes

This product makes our list of Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands because it provides a reliable connection within 360 degrees and 30 meters without any interference with its 2.4GHz wireless technology. This professional computer gaming mouse is your best weapon whether you are aiming, targeting, slashing, or attacking.

Coming down to its weight, this versatile gaming mouse weighs only 6.3 ounces and has 6.06 x 4.17 x 2.36 inches of dimensions making it easy to store.  With little-to-no delay or signal drops it has a working distance of up to 30m. Without sacrificing any gaming-grade capabilities it provides up to 20 months of battery life enabling it to last longer.

Besides, its LED battery indicator warns you if the charge is running low which makes it saves power five times more than an ordinary wireless computer mouse. Experience safer and more accurate than traditional FM radio system with wireless technology, which delivers a reliable connection with up to 30 (approx 98ft) meters.

Other than that, it offers Comfort and Precision at your fingertips. It will skyrocket your performance as it is the ideal pc accessory. With this durable, desktop and laptop pro gaming mouse you will be amazed by its unmatched comfort, lethal accuracy, and killer precision. It is Compatible with a PC, Laptop, Mac, and Notebook.

ASUS Optical

RGB Gaming Mouse

ASUS Aura Sync & Rog Armoury II software

7 tactile programmable buttons,

7000 DPI Gaming Grade Optical Sensor

20-million click Omron switch

USB pass-through

Chord problems

With the aura, Sync enabled TUF Gaming M3 Optical Mouse Arm your Battle stations and win over your virtual enemy. The clicks are nice, and no quality control issues are making it worth the price. No rattles when you shake it and no wobble with the clicks. It is extremely durable without being overly heavy so you can play your games without your hand getting tired.

Now let’s talk about its mind-blowing features starting from its weight which is an important property to note while buying this kind of gaming tool. This product weighs only 2.96 ounces along with 3.96 x 2.17 x 5.98 inches in dimensions. The sensor tracks accurately, and the shape of the mouse fits perfectly with your hand.

Listing another awesome feature, with a tracking speed of 100 inches per second (IPS), this Wired Gaming Mouse is fitted with a 7000 DPI Gaming Grade Optical Sensor. This feature allows it to offer accuracy and speed for a lag-free and smooth gaming experience. It delivers swift gameplay for right-handed gamers with its 20-million-click Omron switch.

In the last, it provides you with exceptional durability as it comes with a specialized coating. It can withstand abrasion, friction & perspiration tests and provides you with precision movements for countless hours as it is a compact yet rough/tough gaming tool. Easy customization of audio profiles, colours, and lighting effects is made possible with Rog Armoury II software.

Buying Guide:

Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands can be a tricky thing because it’ll be best known after its usage. But, there are a few important things which you should consider while buying a gaming mouse, to get the best product. Read below, to better know a few important points that are necessary to consider for getting a good product;

The grip of the mouse, how it holds your hand.

The most important and most of the time neglected point, to consider while buying the Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands is ‘how it holds your hand, and how much grip it makes. People hold the mouse differently while playing games and must choose a product which perfectly sets on their hand, and keeps it relaxed even after long-run usage.

The shape of the mouse

In the next step, check out the shape of the selected gaming mouse. If you want to keep your hand relaxed while playing, then must prefer the ‘ergonomic design’ in the mouse. Mouse with such styling will keep your hand, wrist, and fingers away from pain and that’s why stands among the best gaming mouse for a fingertip grip.

Weight of the mouse

Another important thing to note while buying a mouse is its weight. Mouse with a weight of fewer than 80 grams stands among the top products. They provide a better grip but don’t feel the burden on a hand and fingers. As much as the mouse is light in weight, the more easily you will be able to move it around.


After reading the whole article, at this ending point, I hope you are now clear-headed and have got all the information, for which you have clicked on this article. These all products ‘Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands’ is selected for discussion, after the approval of expertise plus the unbiased reviews collected from customers.

Other than that, you can either choose the best one ‘our top pick’ suggested item (given to save your time), mentioned at the start of the article. These products are best in their own distinguished but advanced features and can be chosen to add convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Mouse for Big Hands?

‘Palm grip’ is the most popular and best grip for a gaming mouse. It provides more relaxation and keeps the work going on for a long period without creating frustration. Because most of your palm and fingers rest on the mouse and keep your hand free from stiffness.

Is fingertip the best grip?

Fingertip grip can be considered a good option by only a few gamers, who need accurate and fast results. But this grip cannot be the best option, as it needs a lot of muscle usage and makes them stiff. Most people don’t want this grip-holding mouse for their gaming.

What mouse grip do pros use?

Most of the pros players like using ‘Claw Grip’. This grip involves the more arched position of the palm plus this has a little connection to the mouse arch. This grip enables the players to keep up their game smoothly, as they feel comfortable with it.

How do I make my mouse more grippy?

Holding a mouse for gaming and making a strong grip can be difficult sometimes. Different mouse structures need different techniques to hold them properly. You can make a good grip by holding it strongly enough. Or, you can use the sandpaper below, to keep it away from slipping. But, always choose a comfortable gripping style for perfect results.

Should I buy a gaming mouse?

If you are a gamer or like playing games often, then the gaming mouse should be your first choice while buying a mouse, as they perfectly control the games. Their upgraded versions and suitable buttons enable you to play with fast and accurate speed.