8 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2022

Are you a gaming freak who is on a stakeout for the best gaming accessories? Well, gaming is the fastest-growing field in the world and virtual reality is the new dimension that is drawing youth into its domains. If you are one of those people who are enticed by the gaming realm then you must be familiar with the importance of a Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands.

A gaming mouse is a necessary apprentice that could be the most probable reason for winning or losing the game. A good gaming mouse should be having certain features that make it stand apart from ordinary mice. Therefore, you need to go through our review article on Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands for determining the right gaming mouse for you.
If you are in a rush to miss out on reading throughout the article then go through our top pick to see the ultimate winner. Razer Death Adder V2 is the undeniable top pick because of its blazing-fast performance thanks to 20K DPI. It has 8 programming buttons and rubberized side grips that make it exquisite looking and unparalleled in the market.

Now that you are ready to go through our review article on the best gaming mouse for small hands, it is time for you to move forward with the carefully selected Gaming Mouse. Given below are the 8 best models that will help you in improving your gaming performance.

8 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands At a Glance:

  1. Razer DeathAdder V2
  2. Logitech G602
  3. Logitech G502
  4. Razer Naga Trinity
  5. Vicing Wireless
  6. Glorious Model O
  7. Corsair Dark Core
  8. Ben Q Zowie EC2

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands You can Buy Today

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Razer DeathAdder V2


Exquisite look

Ergonomic design

Best in class optical sensors

Axial tweaking



Micro-editing can be troublesome

Razer Death Alder V2 is a prestigious name in the gaming field and many of the razer models are considered best in various gaming categories. This gaming mouse is quite similar to the earlier model of razer Death Alder, Elite but has a massive upgrade in the cable connectivity and comfortable use for small hand users.


This gaming mouse is quite similar to elite models due to its exquisite outlook and interchangeable DPI buttons on the side of the mouse. The glossy black color and plastic construction with the Razer logo at its back make it a trendy option among the users. This outlook is complemented by the Chroma RGB lights which make it a fancy product.

The most praiseworthy point for the mouse is its comfort of use and this comfort is deriving its strength from the slant that is slightly bent towards the right for right-handed users. Its palm or claw grip design is long enough to fit in any hand. Therefore, this mouse is preferred by all those users who are looking for a slanted design.

This is a wired mouse and it doesn’t offer wireless support, therefore, it would not be suitable for travel-friendly games where portability is a major concern. This corded mouse has 20K DPI along with 12 programmable buttons and is one of the best options for hard-core gamers.


Razer Death Alder V2 is the best gaming mouse ad is an excellent choice for FPS video gaming mice. It has a low click latency and is offering a range of customizable CPI along with a comfortable and durable design.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Logitech G602


Wireless connectivity

Excellent optical sensors

A good number of programmable buttons

✓250 hours of battery life

Long life with 20 million clicks


Limited DPI

This Logitech gaming mouse is a premium gaming model that is deeply regarded as the hard-end gaming accessory for use at an affordable price tag. This mouse is equipped with all the necessary features to make it a solid choice for hard-core gamers across the world. This product is not only concerned with premium gaming performance but is also very comfortable and durable for use.


The most notable feature of this gaming mouse is its wireless construction with long battery life. Most of the products that we have mentioned in this review are about wired gaming mice but to fulfill the requirements of a wireless gaming mouse, this Logitech 602 is stealing the spotlight.

This mouse is although wireless, it is providing a flexible range of connectivity options including both Bluetooth and direct WIFI connections. Utilizing this wireless connection you can make use of its portability and high maneuverability. But the compensation of this portability will be with a limited DPI number.

This gaming mouse has only 2500 dots per inch and the number of programmable buttons is 11 which is a satisfying value. Except for its DPI value, users don’t find any distinguished flaw in its performance. The design is simple with slanted construction. The star of this mouse is its polarized double A battery that provides long-lasting battery life of 250 hours on average.


This gaming mouse is coming with delta zero sensors for enhanced optical sense and therefore provides a breathtaking and seamlessly swift gaming action that is worth investing in any gaming accessory.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Logitech G502


Premium construction

Excellent optical sensors

A good number of programmable buttons

Windows and OS compatibility


Large size might not be suitable for small hands

Logitech G502 is another quality option for FPS video games. This product too is coming with minimal click latency and a high range of customizable CPI along with a high polling rate. The polling rate of this mouse is adjustable and the number of programmable buttons is also good enough for hard-core gamers. It is comfortable to use and durable enough to hold your back for many coming years.


Considering the outlook of this gaming mouse, users will get a glimpse of an aggressive gaming device. This is because it has a rugged gaming look with a combo of matte and latex black plastic design which is well desired by gamers. It is complemented by RGB lights and has two zones for RGB lighting.

One of the zones is on the logo flickering to show its presence all the time, while the second one is on the indicator for the CPI range. Being a wired gaming mouse, it is not a portable option for all those users who are looking to roam around for their gaming journeys in either their dormitory or at home.

Comfortable use is again the most demanding trait from the gaming mouse and this model is quite aware of that fact. Therefore, users can experience a durable and comfortable gaming experience along with high DPI value and a good number of programmable buttons.


This wired gaming mouse is great enough to let you experience FPS gaming in an all-new blazing fast world. It has many programmable buttons with low click latency and limited DPI value. The only downside of this mouse is that it might not be best for small hands.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Razer Naga Trinity


The highest number of programmable button

Chroma RGB lighting

Interchangeable side plate

Excellent optical sensors

Exquisite outlook


Slightly pricey

Razer Naga trinity is a cost-effective product that has many high-end features to entice pro users with its blazing-fast gaming performance. But you have to splash a few extra bucks on this product because nothing worth having comes easy. To know more about the product go through its features and technical specifications, given below:


Adjustable programmable buttons and multiple DPI settings are the two most important features for any gaming mouse. Gaming is all about fast speed and the right action at the right moment. This right action is determined by the interchangeable DPI settings and the programmable buttons.

This gaming mouse by Razer Naga Trinity is offering this adjustability because it has interchangeable side plates that offer 2, 7, or 12 buttons. Therefore, users can select the number of buttons that they want to have on their mouse.

If you like to go with a simple model that has minimal buttons for simple and easy operation then a 2 button plate would be best. The DPI value of the mouse is 16K with Chroma RGB lights and the backlit display.


This gaming mouse is an exquisite looking premium model that has 12 programmable buttons with interchangeable side plates. It has a high polling rate and many programmable buttons, all of these features add on to make it a great product.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Vicing Wireless


Backlit display

Unique design

Silent clicking

Side buttons

Ergonomic grips


Only two programmable button

VicTsing is a simple and affordable gaming mouse that is an entry-level product for newbie users who are short on the budget yet want to have an effective and efficient gaming performance.  This budget-friendly mouse is enriched with gaming features yet is simple enough to utilize without any technical know-how.


This is an entry-level product that has the bottom line features and us almost half the price of any good gaming mouse. But this doesn’t restrict the efficiency of its gaming performance. It has 2400 DPI which is the lowest in our review article but is good for the newbie gamers who don’t have to go with high-end features.

This mouse has a total of nine buttons of which only two buttons at the side of the gaming mouse are programmable. This means that out of the 9 buttons only two are programmable while the rest are coming with their distinct use.

The most distinguishing feature of this product is its auto-shutoff feature which automatically puts it into sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity and it will be brought back to life with any click over the mouse. This is a wireless mouse that has a long battery life and wireless use with the desired portability.


This wireless gaming mouse is all about entry-level features at an affordable budget that is greatly demanded by novice gamers and is rich with buttons and interchangeable side plates.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Glorious Model O


Flexible cable support

Low click latency

Durable and lightweight

Latest and innovative

High optical sensors

Many programmable buttons


Doesn’t have any grip control

Glorious is a prestigious model and has many important gaming mice that are widely in use by many hard-core gamers and novice users. Glorious o minus is a popular gaming mouse that is widely in use by gamers across the globe.


This is a wired gaming mouse that has a range of flexible connectivity and allows for comfortable and durable use. It has low click latency and lightweight enough to be carried along with you literally, anywhere you want to take it.

The optical sensors of the product are also good enough for gamers to enjoy a thorough gaming experience. It has 12 thousand dots per inch which is a highly demanded feature along with 11 programmable buttons. Although all these features are high end, yet the price is retained to a budget-friendly tag.

Therefore it is an extremely affordable product but the only downside of this model is its grip which is not good enough to hold on for longer periods. It has a low power indicator and multiple DPI settings. You can choose the 6K, 8K, or 12K DPI depending upon the need you are facing at the moment.


This mouse is the right candidate for novice gamers in the FPS gaming field and multiple DPI with 11 programmable buttons. It doesn’t require any software for installation and is ready to go with gamers.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Corsair Dark Core


Lightweight and durable

Ambidextrous design

Textured rubber grips

1000H rate

Pro player settings



Corsair is the all-known brand that has deeply enrooted in the market and has popular models in many categories of which gaming field is the strongest one. Corsair products are very popular among hard-core gamers and are widely in use by users across the globe.


This is another wireless gaming mouse in our selection of the best gaming mouse and is tailored for small hands with a comfortable palm and claw grip. It is coming with a simple design that doesn’t have any pomp or show to repel the feel of pro gaming.

Its optical sensors are one of kind and are coming with 16K DPI that are also offering multiple settings to choose from. This mouse is offering both the wired or wireless connectivity and this is the best bang for bucks.

Thus you can enjoy the portable use of the wireless gaming mouse and the blazing fast performance of the wired products. It has axial tweaking support and is utilizing 1.8m braided fiber as its optical sensors and low latency for Bluetooth use.


This lightweight and durable model of the gaming mouse is a popular approach for gamers and is coming with an ambidextrous design. It has textured grips and a rugged design with automatic pro player settings.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Ben Q Zowie EC2



Many chromatic variants

No software installation required

Good value for money


Limited DPI

No tweaking

BenQZowiei the most popular brand that is having many high-end products in each category it is launching its products. The photo-editing monitor and gaming monitor are one of the strongest fields of the brand. The same goes for the gaming mouse because it has many premium features that are used by pro gamers and are regarded as high-end users.


This wired gaming mouse is offering a flexible cable utilization that is using the 1.8 braided optical fiber support or a 2.4 Hz fast action. This mouse is originally built for competitive gaming and is therefore required to be utilized by professionals.

It has a right-handed palm or claw grip that provides the users with a strong grip and hold over the mouse. Although it is a solid gripping mouse, it is not very best for small hands due to its bulky size which is a major restriction for its popularity among small hand users.

To compensate for this drawback, manufacturers have now launched two distinct sized models and the users can choose the right product that matches their hand size. Except for the size distinction, there are no particular differences between these two models.


This wireless gaming mouse is a great option for entry-level users who are looking for an ergonomic mouse coming with high-end optical sensors.

Buying Guide:           Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

There is no doubt that the market is flooded with many amazing options for gaming mouse and users are not short of choices when it comes to buying a quality gaming mouse. But this doesn’t mean that all products are created equally and any gaming mouse could serve the task of being the best model in the market. To filter out the potential candidates for the best spot, you must be aware of the technical specifications and product description of the product you are interested in.

Therefore, go through our comprehensive buying guide to determine the must-have features in a gaming mouse and start finding your best gaming mouse for small hands.


Gaming mice are all about buttons and users want to have at least 12 distinct gaming buttons in a reachable position to control various activities with a single click of the mouse. Most of the gaming mice have programmable buttons at the side with interchangeable grips.

You should determine the response rate, control, position, reach, effectiveness, and feel of these buttons along with the number of these buttons to decide the best gaming mouse for you.


Dots per Inch are an important fact in considering the gaming performance and many quality mice are coming with multiple DPI settings and you must choose the one coming with multiple controls. Different situations require different DPI settings and therefore a good mouse should be the one that is best in all those situations.

Therefore try to get a mouse that has multiple DPI values and allows you to freely switch between them for enhanced gaming performance and controlled gaming moves.

Wireless Design

In most of the recent products, wireless connectivity is a better option and desired trait, but it is not the case with gaming mice. This is because wireless mice tend to be a bit slower than the corded ones and gaming is all about fast responses and swift actions.

Therefore you must carefully choose the mouse type as wireless-only if you are looking for a portable model. Otherwise, a corded or wired gaming mouse would be more than enough for you.


This review article has provided you with enough choices to select the best gaming mouse without any worry or concern. All these gaming mice are affordable and will not demand you to break your bank, therefore, you can choose them freely without any constraint on your budget or gaming performance.

All these mice are the best of their kind and will give you efficient and effective gaming performance with many premium features and flexible controls. Furthermore, all of these gaming mice have small size and would be best suited to users with small hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mouse for small hands?

Razer DeathAdder V2 is the best mouse for small hands. It is coming with 8 programmable buttons and 20K DPI blazing fast performance at the response time of 1ms and has a rated frequency of 1000 Hz. It is ergonomically built and has the most aesthetically appealing outlook to help the users have the best performance with good looks.

Is a small mouse good for gaming?

Small mice are tailored for small hands and the rest f performance is similar to any bulky or heavy-duty gaming accessories. There is no specific distinction in the technical aspects of a small mouse or a bulky one. This is because these mice are only built-in small sizes to suit the users having small hands.

Does higher DPI mean better quality mouse?

Higher DPI doesn’t necessarily mean better quality and this is because DPI or dots per Inch represents the cursor movements on moving the mouse. If your mouse has a higher DPI it is more likely to swiftly move across the gaming field and screen but it shouldn’t be that high to let the movement get out of control or fly away.

Which mouse do pros use?

Well, the answer to this depends upon the gaming field the mouse is supposed to be located. Most of the gaming pros are concerned with the Razer DeathAdder Chroma for their professional battles. While many of them would like to go with Logitech G Pro wireless models or Zowie FK2.

How do I choose a good mouse?

Choosing the right mouse depends upon your situation and preferences. You must determine the right size of the mouse according to your hands and after that dig deep into the features and specs to get the best bang for your bucks. Choose the required DPI and optical sensors for the game you opt to proceed with.