8 Best Thinnest Smartwatch Of 2022

Smartwatch has been in the market since 1998. When the very first smartwatch was launched by Pioneer, people were going crazy. They still get pretty excited whenever a brand launches its new smartwatch in the market. And why shouldn’t they? A watch on a wrist does all things, for which we needed smartphones before. We still need smartphones but Best Thinnest Smartwatch can make you forget about your cell phones for some time, due to their ability to perform smartly.

Thinnest Smartwatch
Best PickWithings Steel HR Hybrid
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White Sport Band
Apple Series 5 (GPS, 40mm)
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GPS Smartwatch
Staff PickGarmin Venu
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Best Thinnest Smartwatch
Gear S3 Frontier SM-R760
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Best Thinnest Smartwatch
Budget PickPebble Time Round 14mm
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Style Smartwatch
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Health And Fitness Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 2
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Bluetooth Smartwatch
TicWatch Pro
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Smartwatch stays all day on your wrist, doing all the functions it’s supposed to. But doesn’t your wrist feel exhausted after carrying the bulky watch all day long? Surely it does. So time for you to get the thinnest smartwatch and show some self-care. To buy a better thin smartwatch you may wish to get all pretty amazing features with the stylish cool design.

We have researched well on every smartwatch and chose the 8 best thinnest smartwatches we have on our list. We even have a special buying guide to make sure that when you decide to shop for one, you have some guidance to buy the best smartwatch which lasts long and has all possible features. If you wanna know about our today’s first pick then its Apple Watch Series 5 With White Sport Brand

Do we have to tell its features? The brand’s name itself says that this watch has all, you wish. Just go to the web store and treat yourself to this Apple watch

8 Best Thinnest Smartwatch At a Glance:

  1. Withings Steel HR Hybrid
  2. Apple Series 5 (GPS, 40mm)
  3. Garmin Venu
  4. Gear S3 Frontier SM-R760
  5. Pebble Time Round 14mm
  6. LG W-270 AUSAPG
  7. Fitbit Versa 2
  8. TicWatch Pro

Best Thinnest Smartwatch You Can Buy Today

Best Pick
Thinnest Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Hybrid

Thinnest Smartwatch

Availability of Alexa

Swappable wristbands

Sleep tracking

Low vibration frequency

Withings Hybrid Smartwatch, the hybrid word is indicating that you can use it as a regular watch and as a smartwatch too. The round display shows time like a regular watch, but don’t judge it because of its simple look. It has a bunch of features that could make you decide to get this smartwatch in a few minutes.

Analog activity dial keeps you informed all the time about your activities like how many calories you have burned and the distance of path you have covered, in simple numbers. Withings Smartwatch features sport mode, which checks your heart rhythms, and counts your steps and it also has a timer which may help you in exercises. The water-resistance feature gives you company in swimming pools.

The superb thing about this watch is you don’t need to be concerned about charging for 25 days. It has that long-lasting battery. And all notifications of your calls, messages and apps will appear on the watch screen because of its smart notification feature.

Why is it on our list? The HR Steel smartwatch meets our expectations of a thin watch with its 40mm case size. You can change wristbands once you want to change the watch look. It tracks your sleep quality and lets you know if you sleep well or not. The smart alarm function helps you to wake up at the best time. A simple yet elegant design with quality fitness features is enough to make us consider buying this smartwatch.

Thinnest Smartwatch

Apple Series 5 (GPS, 40mm)

White Sport Band

Streams 60 million songs

Do payments through Apple pay

Has ground elevation

Hefty Price

Our top pick Apple Series 5 With White Sport Band is an innovative watch, which attracts people with its sophisticated and elegant design. And the features, this smartwatch has superb and unique features among other brands ones. We will try our best to mention all features as they are a lot.

First, we talk about its display. Apple’s series 5 watch has an Always-on-Retina display that never sleeps. It always shows you time, even when you are not using it. Also takes care of your health, as a good friend does. It keeps track of your heart rate with the ECG app. Whenever you sit and do work for a long time, it tells you to stand and walk.

It also motivates you to exercise and helps you in achieving fitness goals through its workout metrics. It features water resistance up to 50M, which means the watch will take care of your heart rate and health in swimming and fun water activities also.

Why is it our top pick? Apple’s watch is a lightweight smartwatch with a 40mm case size, you can sleep with this watch. The built-in compass is a speciality in Apple’s series, meaning it wasn’t available before the 5 series. You will be able to carry 60 million songs on your wrist. How does it sound? Surely mesmerizing. Quick payments, a built-in compass that guides you in reaching your destinations, and the best thing white band which looks super stylish.

Staff Pick

Garmin Venu

GPS Smartwatch

6 days of battery life

Safety and tracking feature

Shows body energy level

Still need a little bit of improvement

Germin Venu Smartwatch has an AMOLED display that shows time and date in digital numbers with beautiful wallpaper just like a mobile lock screen. It is available in different cool and stylish colours like black, rose gold, and silver. The leather wristband looks ultra-modern and gives an impression of a stylish thin smartwatch.

With this, you will get your personalized Garmin coach which trains you and influences your inner winner for marathon races. The preloaded programs of yoga, cardio, and pilates workout bring the ultimate motivation to crush your fitness goals and you’ll always be fit. It has more amazing health-related apps that take care of your stress level, heart rhythms, and stress level. This watch may act like your gym trainer and we are sure you will enjoy your exercise sessions with it.

The smart notification shows any calls and messages you’ve got, so you’ll be better aware of your mobile’s activities on your wrist. Another feature on our list is contactless payments through supported payment networks, and you can do quick and a lot of shopping.

Why is it on our list? Well, if you supposedly decide to buy this smartwatch we can surely say that you will get a new partner on your wrist. In case your stress level goes high then it will guide you to take deep breaths and reduce your stress. So, it’s one of the best fitness smartwatches you can buy.

Gear S3 Frontier SM-R760

Best Thinnest Smartwatch


Samsung Pay

Better Voice Control

Limited Apps

Another addition to our list of thin smartwatches is Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch. The sleek design with durability is like a dream come true for the thinnest smartwatch enthusiasts. A strong space grey leather band with a round dial proves the stability of this smartwatch. The watch displays time in stylish numerals.

As the company claims, this watch will give you a mobile-free experience means you don’t need cell phones to make or receive calls. Through built-in speakers, you can easily answer and make calls with one touch. Let’s discuss health and fitness features. The Samsung S3 watch has a Gear Fit app. Which can track squats, ranges, cycling machines, and other exercises. The app also gives details about your exercise duration.

A heart rate monitor checks heart rhythms accurately by reading your pulse. And, how can we forget the superb features of S voice? You can easily activate it by saying “Hi, Gear and that’s all, you can command it to do what you wish like sending messages, emails, and making calls to someone.

Why is it on our list? The best thing we like about this Samsung watch is how it is giving the best opportunity for a cell phone-free experience to its users. You can leave your cell phone at home and through this smartwatch, you will be able to send and receive messages, make calls, and a lot more. S voice is our favourite although it needs some improvement it functions pretty well. The battery life of 3 days is also pretty decent.

Budget Pick

Pebble Time Round 14mm

Best Thinnest Smartwatch

Affordable price

5mm thin watch

Quick-change bands

Less battery life compared to other smartwatches

Now comes the beautiful and thinnest smartwatch. Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch is in black and silver stone beautiful colour. It looks like a normal regular watch. But the difference is pretty smart features which make it a decent smartwatch. It always shows time on display, you can see the time by just adjusting your wrist.

The lightweight watch keeps tracking your daily activities and also shows the weekly report. The sleep tracker helps you to know about the sleeping hours and how better you sleep. The timeline calendar reminds you about your upcoming events and meetings in case you forget. One more thing, in the timeline calendar you will be able to note down any future events and it also holds the record of your past events. Doesn’t it sound cool to carry your event or meeting planner on your wrist?

Time to discuss some of more best features. It shows notifications of apps, incoming calls, emails, and other mobile activities. And the best feature of this thinnest smartwatch is that 15 minutes of instant charging lasts all day. If you accidentally spill some juice or water on your watch then don’t worry the splash resistance will rescue the smartwatch.

Why is it on our list? If you wish to buy an affordable hybrid smartwatch with decent features then this is the best option you can go for. You can even customize the watch by changing the bands and downloading new watch faces as you like.


Style Smartwatch

Google Assistant built-in

Dust resistance

Great vibration frequency

Doesn’t monitor heart rate

An attractive and elegant LG smartwatch is available in rose gold, silver, and titanium colour. It is the slimmest Android Wear watch, which you can wear all day long without feeling slightly heavy on your wrist. The round sleek dial is not too big and shows the time, date, and steps counter. If we look at the case the quality of stainless steel shines and verifies the stability. A thin and strong leather band sends the impression of durability.

About the smart features, firstly it has Google Assistant to make your life easier. Just say “Hi, Google” and make the watch do all the tasks you want. The amazing vibration frequency alerts you about incoming calls, SMS, and emails. It also has a preview of your smartphone’s activities so you don’t have to dig your smartphone from your pockets unless it’s important.

The feature of dust and water resistance saves the watch’s performance from any harm coming in the way. Snap-and-swap bands offer the opportunity to change the wristbands whenever and however you want. Also, it assists you to complete your fitness goals.

Why is it on our list? The reason we included this elegant watch on our list, is the package of useful features and elegant design it offers. But, there is still room for improvement like this watch doesn’t have a heart monitor to check the heart rate. No sleep tracker and other health-related features. Still, It’s a basic decent smartwatch you can try.

Fitbit Versa 2

Health And Fitness Smartwatch

Easily pay through Fitbit Pay

6 days of battery life

Tracks all-day activities

Needs a premium subscription to listen to songs on Spotify

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch is one of our favourite thin smartwatches, we would love to recommend it to you. If we discuss the design then let us tell you, that you are not going to feel the slightest disappointment. The square analogue display and the quality leather wristband are enough to create the wish to own this ultra-modern smartwatch. Its display never sleeps and always shows you accurate time and stats of exercise, steps, and heart rate.

The thing people like about this watch most is it has no limited apps. You can install all your favourite apps and enjoy the smart experience the watch brings to your life. If your phone is nearby the watch will get all records of your smartphone’s activities. The notifications of apps, receiving emails, and phone calls pop up and you can get the details by sliding it down a bit.

Amazon Alexa will be there to fulfil your voice commands and it gives answers to your questions in text form. You will be able to customize your song playlist through the Spotify app, which means you can listen to your favourite songs on your smartwatch with no hassle.

Why is it on our list? Fitbit smartwatch is an amazing fitness watch. With the assistance of Fitbit pay making payments are like a piece of cake. With other amazing features like unlimited app capacity, smart alarm, and tracking of your daily activities, you will enjoy them with quality and durable design. What else would you wish?

TicWatch Pro

Bluetooth Smartwatch

Quick payments through Google Pay

GPS built-in

Streams music with Google Play

Low battery life

The TicWatch company aims to include innovative and quality features in its smartwatches. And the company is successfully doing it without any doubt. This one TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch verifies the company’s claim of innovation. It has two smart and essential modes, you can switch the modes as you wish. When you don’t need the smart features you just need to switch to essential mode, it helps the battery to last long.

The design of this smartwatch is award-winning. Comfortable Italian leather straps with stainless steel blazer give vibes of modern style. You will just love how it will look on your wrist. Through Built-in Google Assistant you can send messages, make calls, and ask for directions with your voice. The quality of voice recognition this smartwatch has, is also pretty good. The amazing feature that we love is this watch works with Google to provide the owners with all essential apps for health, fitness, and music.

Sensors are given on the watch for tracking your daily activities. The watch also provides the steps and calories counter to keep you well informed about your fitness and how much you still need to work hard on it. You can also know about your heart rate with its heart monitor.

Why is it on our list? It is a perfect watch for health and fitness freaks. Two modes of functioning are a lifesaver for the battery. The smartwatch supports all Google Apps to provide you with a good experience and makes your life easy. Although its battery requires a decent improvement. Other than that, it’s a good smartwatch

Buying Guide

So, we have done with the list of our best 8 thinnest smartwatches. We hope it would assist you when deciding to buy the smartwatch according to your needs and budget. As we promised earlier, we are here with our buying guide for you.

This buying guide highlights the main features which a smartwatch must have. So, it could help you in day-to-day life by giving you the best features and guidance. Let’s find out what is in our buying guide.

Fitness Feature

Whenever you wanna buy a smartwatch, before buying make sure to find out how many fitness apps the smartwatch supports. Some smartwatches stick to one or two apps, in that case, you won’t get the best fitness guidance. Buy the one which has special fitness features to offer like tracking the exercise, sleep tracker, telling how much time you spend sitting, etc. So you can work better on yourself.

Battery Life

Some smartwatches have all the best features but they don’t have great battery life. Better analyze its battery life before buying. Hybrid smartwatches tend to have more battery life than others like our Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch which has up to 25 days of battery life.

Swappable Wristbands

The other important question to consider in a smartwatch does it have swappable wristbands. Swappable wristbands could be a game-changer and make the watch durable. You will be able to change the bands whenever you want to try a new look.


Here the article ends. We have shared detailed reviews, features, pros, cons, and reasons to include the product in our list. We answered the FAQs too.

Before you decide to buy, make sure that you have completely analyzed the best thinnest Smartwatch review and features we’ve put in this article for you. We research well on the products and make sure to let you know all the special features they offer.

Now the time comes to choose the one smartwatch, which matches your needs, expectations, and important budget. Once you’ve done with the decision, make sure to visit the website soon and order the special one for you. Our best wishes are with you.