Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears

When it comes to wireless headphone technology, Apple’s Air pods have quite literally taken over most of the consumer base due to their ingenious design and impressive set of features. However, this has also caused a ton of similar competitors to launch their versions of the Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears, and today we have laid out a detailed comparison of the top 2 picks. This will be a review that pits Gear icon x vs Galaxy buds.

Top Products:

As a brand, when it comes to the Android sphere, you simply cannot beat Samsung at their game. This is quite evident when you look at the Galaxy buds that we are reviewing today. These are a great competitor for Apple AirPods themselves as they grant a great equalizer, have been fitted with quite the kickass battery life and apart from a few letdowns, these are pretty much an ideal choice.

On the other hand, we have another good alternative to this option in the form of the Gear iconX wireless headphones. These have their own set of pros and cons that only the user can weigh to figure out what works for them. However, their excellent onboard storage is what sets them apart from even the Galaxy buds.

As we all know, you cannot choose the better option without having all of the facts in front of you, so without further ado, let’s get started on this comparison review of the Gear iconx vs Galaxy buds!

First, let’s give you an overview of both of the product’s main features:

Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears At a Glance:

  1. Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds
  2. Samsung Gear IconX

Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears You can Buy Today

Best Pick

Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds

6 hours runtime

Compatible with both android and iPhone

Splash resistant technology

3 adjustable ear tip and wingtip sizes

Quick ambient mode

Optimized AKG driver

Wireless charger case

58 mAH battery

Quick start guide

1-year product warranty

Auto-sync and ambient mode for android

Android 7.1.1 or higher required

Bluetooth is not the best

The Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds are our first choice to discuss in this comparison review of the Gear iconx vs Galaxy buds. Let’s start this off by discussing the 2 main drawbacks that we could find with this product. The first letdown of this product is that the Bluetooth capabilities are unfortunately not the best. This is true, especially when compared to the Iconx. The other thing that we have noticed is that to sue them you will need Android 7 or higher and that is certainly limiting for quite a few users.

Other than this, however, we have nothing but praise for this product because it offers an excellent set of features that anyone would want to see in a set of wireless headphones. You get a total of 6 hours of runtime when they are fully charged and in case you travel with the carrying case, you’re in for a surprise! This will lend you an extra hour of charging because the case doubles as a wireless charger!

One aspect where these headphones outshine all others is their high quality and premium sound performance. The quality is great as it works with an optimized driver and tuning by AKG. This ensures that the results are a more vast range of sound options. One of the worse things about headphones, while you drive or ride your bike, is that it becomes so hard to make sense of traffic.

So, to make your experience that much safer, these wireless buds come fitted with a Quick Ambient Mode. This will ensure that you have complete control over how much sound from your environment you let in. If you are someone who can never find the right earbud size, do not worry because this device comes with 3 ear and wingtip options. All of these are adjustable and come included in this package at no extra cost to the user.

This means you will be able to get the perfect fit each time! The water resistance on these is pretty nice as they are fitted with splash-resistant technology. However, keep in mind that these are in no way or form waterproof and can only resist spills and splashes along with minor workout sweat. A good feature here is that these buds are compatible with both iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth. However, the Ambient aware mode will not be available for Apple users who will have to rely on Siri instead.

In terms of some of the accessories and additional informational tidbits, this device comes with a quick start guide and has a 58 mAh battery. There is also a 1-year product warranty included but this might not apply to all countries.

Now, let’s look at the main offerings of the Samsung Gear Iconx:

Budget Pick

Samsung Gear IconX

5 hours Bluetooth, 7 hours MP3 and 4 hours for calls

Compatible with both android and iPhone

Multiple sizes of ear tips and wingtips

Real-time voice guidance

Voice-activated commands

Onboard storage


Responsive touch controls

IP67 water-resistant rating

The fit might be too snug

Fitness Functions not for iOS

The Samsung Gear IconX is our next contender in this battle of Gear iconx vs Galaxy buds and this device has slightly fewer features than its contender for today. However, it excels when you look at the specialized workout features that it provides. This includes real-time voice guidance relating to calorie tracking and speed covered.

However, these fitness functions are not available for iOS users at the moment which is a bit of a letdown. This is because they only work with the Samsung S Health app and that is not on Apple phones. Another area where we think this pair of headphones can be lacking is the fit. While you will get multiple sizes to choose from, we think the fit can become too snug too quickly. Each product does come with multiple options for ear tip and wing tip sizes so that’s a plus.

This device offers distinct runtimes for the listening experience, for example, it will run for approximately 4 hours if you mainly use it for calls, it runs for 5 hours if you commit to Bluetooth streaming and it offers 7 hours of MP3 use. It is pretty easy to connect this headset to Bixby and Google Voice if you want to use voice-activated commands to play and pause your music. This is a great hands-free feature.

Another reason why this product is so good is that it has been made to be extremely lightweight. This means that they are not likely to fall during use and you can even be sure that they are super portable and compact. The touch controls that this device comes with are also quite responsive and you should not have any issues manoeuvring around them at any point in time. These headphones also come with an impressive IP67 water-resistant rating that sets them apart from all others.

Finally, the feature that is most associated with this product is its onboard storage capabilities and this is something that the Samsung Galaxy simply chose not to retain. A serious loss because the 4GB worth of storage in this device gives them a serious competitive edge as you can add music and listen to your favourite podcasts while using considerably less battery life in the process.

Now moving on to the comparison between the Gear iconx vs galaxy buds, we will compare them based on these key features:

The price

The Gear IconX was higher in the past but now it is priced somewhere around 150 dollars while the Galaxy Buds have stayed close to 100-120 dollars throughout. While it isn’t that big of a difference, we know that for anyone on a budget even a single cent can make a big difference to the Galaxy buds will be looking quite appealing at the moment.

Design and fit

When we address the issue of the fit, the Galaxy bud offers a slightly better fit because the options on the Gear iconx are not completely adjustable. When it comes to the overall design, they are both almost similar but the charging case of the Buds is slightly narrower and this means it is more compact than its competitor today. On the other hand, while the Gear Iconx is almost as compact, you cannot easily slip the case into your jeans pocket and that makes all of the difference.

Water resistance or waterproof?

As you might have noticed from the product overview that we listed above, the Gear Iconx has a higher water resistance since it is rated at IP67 water resistance. This means that not only can it handle your intense workouts, and your smaller splashes but it can also handle it if you were accidentally caught in the rain. These are also protected with a dust rating so overall travelling, commuting, and working out with these should be a breeze.

On the other hand, the Galaxy buds are in comparison somewhat lacking in this regard. This is because they are not as highly rated as their contender and have a rating of IPX2. Yes, this still covers dust and water resistance to quite an extent but perhaps not as good for rainfall or excessive sweating. In this regard, the Gear Iconx is a clear winner.

Audio quality

This is a no-brainer for anyone who calls themselves an audiophile or simply wants the best listening experience. Since the Galaxy buds have been tuned by AKG, they offer a sound quality that is more refined and frankly just better than the Gear Iconx. This means you will have to deal with less distortion and disruption resulting in clearer and more defined music, gaming, and whatever else you might wish to use your earbuds for.

Battery life

When it comes to battery life, the Samsung Galaxy buds appear to outrun the Gear Iconx because they are fitted with 6 hours of playtime while the other only manages around 5. However, since the Iconx has onboard storage up to its sleeve when the songs are loaded up, it takes considerably less power and so it can last for a total of 7 hours! This is because it will not be consuming battery via Bluetooth use.

Bluetooth capabilities

Let’s face it, a wireless headset is nothing if its Bluetooth capabilities aren’t amazing. While it is true that the Galaxy Buds incorporate a Bluetooth 5.0 version and the Gear IconX are still stuck on the Bluetooth 4.2 version, the Galaxy buds fall short. Their Bluetooth capability is not as effective and they sometimes lose sync for a few seconds.

Additional sound perks

While none exist on the Gear Iconx model, the Galaxy buds go above and beyond with their inclusion of the AKG tuning and their Equalizer. This means that as you listen, you also have the opportunity to adjust and personalize your listening experience with the equalizer.


In conclusion for the comparison review of the Gear iconx vs Galaxy buds, we feel that the Galaxy buds are the clear winner for many reasons. The first and most important for most users will be the price. These are less expensive than the Gear iconx and even offer more features overall! They also provide better sound quality and they come with a very stylish carrying case that makes carting them around them super convenient.

This doesn’t however mean that the Iconx is without its own set of benefits. As mentioned before, the onboard storage is a serious plus and with their waterproof rating being far better, they are the sure winner when it comes to needing an all-weather option.

We hope that this has been an insightful journey into the world of Samsung’s two offerings for the best wireless headphones. Now that you know where each product lacks and where each delivers, we leave the most important decision up to you!