DJI Phantom 3 VS DJI Mavic Air 2

The drone is one of the essential things of every event, regardless of simple or mega-events. But, now there are numerous brands of manufacturing drone brands, but one of the leading is DJI.

Every single product of DJI is reliable and easy to buy, but definitely, everyone wants to know which one pays off the price. Many people quest for the comparison of DJI Phantom 3 VS DJI Mavic Air 2.

This article has given a detailed comparison of Phantom 3 and Mavic 2 for your assistance.

DJI Phantom 3 VS DJI Mavic Air 2

In this developed era, every single brand is designing the latest and high technology products to survive. Luckily, DJI Products emerged very rapidly in this market in a short time. On every single production, DJI tries to meet the users’ requirements.

In 2k15, Dji launched its first two marvelous drones, Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced under a series named Phantom 3.

Keeping the pride maintained, the company launched another leading product- Mavic Air, about 3-yr later. Mavic Air is a chunk of Phantom but with more latest and smartest features. DJI Mavic Air 2 is a powerful and foldable drone.

To get to know how their features differ, which one you should choose, or meet your requirements, go through our article.


Long ago, things came in a bigger size, and everyone used to consider bigger is always better and more. But it does not fit everywhere. Nowadays, things are getting smaller and smallest gradually, even smaller and smarter, and more significant.

DJI introduced a new way by designing the smallest yet most extraordinary Phantom, which can be placed even in your backpack- wow, what a compact. This drone doesn’t demand much of your space due to its small size; moreover, you can also keep some extra or optional batteries along with a controller.

We have generally done with DJI; let’s specifically come on Phantom 3 and Mavic Air 2.

Phantom 3 is a great drone, but it is a bit bigger and takes a bit more space than Mavic Air 2, but definitely, you can take it to your favorite place with you.

On the other hand,  Mavic Air 2 is much compact and smaller than can be easily placed in your backpack. You can put your snacks, laptop, and other necessary things in it. When you fold this durable and seamless camera, it doesn’t look more prominent than a smartphone.


DJI cameras come with stabilized and High quality stabilized cameras. There was a need to learn technical ticks and tricks to install it on a quadcopter if we go back.

DJI is the first brand that considered to include the Video Transmission system and a built-in camera that makes your drone ready to fly all the time.

The Phantom 3 is a professional drone that has set new standards for the existing and launching camera drones. This amazing 3-axis and 4K Gimbal Camera is packed with 01/2.3’ CMOS sensor that helps to capture everything smoothly and properly.

Phantom 3

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The Mavic Air’s 3-axis gimbal camera, amazingly, comes with the same size sensor and recessed casing. If you want to make videos, the Mavic Air’s camera is comparatively better and efficient than the Phantom 3. The camera of Mavic Air 2 is capable of recording a whooping 4K footage (at 100 Mbps), and it depicts that every of your shot chunk will contain a precise detail.

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Though cameras’ quality is important and essential, sensors are also an integral part of any primary camera.

No Matter what DJI launches, it doesn’t compromise on the quality. Furthermore, it introduces more and more spark.

To maintain the quality of your pictures and videos, DJI also introduces a smaller camera known as sensor vision. These sensors make the drone overall around to capture everything precisely with a potential.

If we come with DJI Phantom 3 VS. DJI Mavic Air 2, Mavic Air 2 features more sensors than DJI Phantom. These sensors help stabilize and allow the drone to move more accurately—furthermore, sensors’ visual-inertial odometry helps the detection of movements more efficiently.

The story doesn’t finish here; the Mavic Air 2 also contains binocular vision sensors present on the back and front. These drones come with a new technology, APAS, that helps the drone in detecting the obstacles and even flying around these obstacles effortlessly.

To detect the obstructions, you need to pull the control forward and backward simply. FlightAutonomy 2.0 is a system where all sensors of Mavic Air are bundled together. This system makes the drone more reliable, durable, and precise.

Flight Performance

Here, Phantom 3 takes the lead because Mavic Air doesn’t fly for longer. Phantom 3 flies approximately 23 mins, and max transmission distance is about 5 km when FCC compliant.

The Mavic Air 2 is comparatively faster than Phantom 3, and it covers moments wisely, smartly, and speedily than phantom 3. The maximum speed of Mavic Air is 68.4 kph, while the speed of Phantom is 3 57.6 kph.

Mavic Air 2 also offers a sport mode that provides an ingenious way to experience and explore the flight thrilling to the fullest.

Intelligent Features

DJI Phantom 3 VS. DJI Mavic Air 2- Phantom 3 is an efficient drone, but when it is compared with Mavaiv air 2, its features are not much smarter.

Mavic Air contains the APAS system and many other updated and upgraded features that assure it is more prominent than Phantom 3.

Phantom 3 is empowered with tons of features like Course Lock and Home Lock, but flight modes of PHantom 3 are not as advanced as Mavic AIR 2. Features of Mavic Air are SmartCapture, ActiveTrack, QuickShot, and much more.

So which one is better to choose?

So, here comes the decision making spot. As discussed before, spending on DJI Products is totally safe, reliable, and worthy. Similarly, Both- DJI Phantom 3 and Mavic Air 2 are extraordinary, but the combination of portability and power of the Mavic Air is unbeatable.

So, if you have a mega event out, have a desire to capture every single moment with detail and precision, grab  Mavic Air 2. Capture your today, tomorrow, even every day with Mavic Air 2- effortlessly and remarkably!

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