Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Review

Want to transform your cheerful moments into lifelike printing photos? The Epson has an amazing printer for you, its Expression Photo XP-970 Photo Printer. It turns the happily captured photos into realistic printing photos filled with stunning color.

And you know the best part? It has Wireless Printing Process, which means you can print the pictures anywhere in the house. From quick assembling to the undemanding printing process, it offers astonishing functionality. Let’s find out about its high-quality features in detail.

Epson Expression Photo XP-970

Professional Printing Quality

Touchscreen With Gesture Navigation

Wide-Format Print

Versatile Printing Options

Borderless Photos

Expensive Ink Cartridges

Does Great Only In Printing

Photo Quality

The chief reason people get confused about buying photo printers is some of them don’t have excellent printing quality. But let us tell you this Epson’s Printer has Professional Printing Quality. No more dark and patchy photos with this efficient photo printer. Works with Claria Photo Ink Cartridges, it prints vibrant colored images with no smudges.

The high-quality cartridges do wonders in creating your happy time photos to make the moments more enjoyable. And the extensive Color Gamut has unique color tones and deep shades for providing maximum color accuracy.

All result in professional quality printing photos that too with enhanced contrast and no blotches. One thing to remember is it works only with original Epson ink cartridges.

Printing Speed

Who wants to wait for a good ten minutes to get a couple of printing pictures? The Epson Photo Printer cares for your valuable time. Whether you want 4×6 or 11×17″ colored photos, it takes a few seconds to roll out superior quality photos.

Want to know the exact speed range? The ISO print speed of this excellent printer is 9.5 black and 9 color photos. For your further convenience, the Auto Two-Sided Printing will be the hero, you don’t need to swap the paper or tray the printer will take care of it all. The Epson’s Printer saves your efforts and paper wastage.

Wireless Operating System

Wired or wireless printing, the choice is yours. Because the Expression Photo XP-970 is offering both options with a simple procedure. If you go for wireless printing, Wi-Fi Direct comes to save your time with the effortless printing process.

It enables the printer to connect with your smartphone within seconds, and its compatibility with Apple Products is worth appreciating. Within some minutes you’ll be all ready to print photos directly from your smartphone and tablet.

If you want to transfer or print from your laptop, the Front USB Port makes the job easier. Through a USB cord, connect the printer with Windows and Macbook and experience a reliable and steady connection. The Ethernet Connection is a beneficial bonus to keep things going smoothly.

Mobile Print App

We all love to add some filters and write messages on our photos. This is the most enjoyable part, you’ll have your chance of editing and do fun things with Epson’s Printing App. Not only does it have excellent editing options, but it allows you to print directly from social networks.

If you want to print inspirational quotes or stunning natural beauty, the creative smartphone app enables you to do it within a few touches on the screen. You can also print or create custom cards for your beloved ones to gift them on special occasions. Sounds pretty exciting. Doesn’t it?

Integrated Touchscreen

The built-in touchscreen makes the printing process uncomplicated, compared to the other printers that have a button operating panel. We find this feature quite likable, as it not only keeps things smooth but also brings innovation to the printing procedure.

You’ll find all the printing and editing shortcuts on the screen, all you have to do is touch the screen to get your lovely photos and cards rolling out from the Inkjet Photo Printer.

Plus, its Rear Paper Feed handles the special and thick paper greatly and offers you an amazing chance to print photos directly on DVDs. With all these excellent features, the efficient printer promises to give an enjoyable printing experience.

Compatible With Alexa

Another applaudable feature of this smart printer is it works with Alexa. You can command Alexa to start printing your photos, documents, shopping lists, and not what. The simple setup procedure consists of one step, just say “Alexa, discover my printer”. And your printer will be ready to obey your voice command.

Alexa will alert you when a lower ink cartridge is remaining, so you won’t run out of ink during printing photos. Print photos without using your hands, speak the words, and you’ll get Ultra-high Resolution images.

Additional Features

Along with printing, this Expression Photo XP-970 can scan and fax documents as well. With this printer, scanning the documents couldn’t be easier. The Innovative Fold-Over Scan Lid keeps the original document in place during scanning and copying.

Comes with HD Ink Cartridges, six ink cartridges suffice for printing countless happy memories for a month. The package also comprises Straightforward instructions manual and CD Documentation to help you in assembling the printer. Plus, you can save 10% on all ink reorders with Epson’s useful services.

Final Verdict

You’ve got detailed information regarding its performance and durability. It has some amazing features. If you want the printer only for printing beautiful photos, it is the right printer for you.

The printing quality is extraordinary, and its printing speed is also impressive. Wireless operating is a productive feature that gives rapid access to the files of other devices. The simple operating system is the plus point. Is the Epson Expression Photo XP-970 perfect for you? What do you think of this so far?