Holy Stone HS170 Detailed Review

Finding the perfect gift for your teenage child? The Holy Stone Hs170 Mini Drone might be the one your child is going to love. If you’re wondering that it would be difficult to handle and not safe, then let us tell you the brand has taken certain steps to ensure secure and enjoyable fun moments. From Speed Adjustment to 3D Flips, they craft it, especially for teenage kids and adults. To give you a rational idea, here are its detailed features.

Easy For Adults And Kids

Holy Stone Mini Drone for Kids

6-axis Gyro

Takes Just One Hour To Get Fully Charged

Auto-Hovering For Stable Flying

Extended Control Range

Long-Running Battery Life

Comes With Only One Charger

Enormous Remote Control

The mini drone has excellent features that make it easy and suitable for kids and adults. The Auto Hovering feature keeps the dron7 stable in the air, even if you aren’t using the remote control. One Key Take-off and Landing brings easiness and fun while your child is enjoying the exciting experience of a flying drone.

Remote Control has specific functions to help you keep firm control over the flying drone. Even for beginners or first-time users, it’s quite simple to understand its flying process and within days you’ll master the art.

High Speed

To keep the excitement level high, the HS170 has 3-speed modes. From normal speed to high, it has all to satisfy beginners and advanced pilots. In starting, it’s better to fly at a slower speed to make sure that you have a better grip on the flying.

After a few days, you can fly it in full speed mode and get thrilling excitement from the astonishing speed. Plus, its High Responsive Rate makes you hooked up to the flying drone. It responds to your command in One Millisecond.

3D Flips

What could be more exciting than flying a drone that keeps flipping on your wish? The HS170 has 3D Fun Flips in four directions to make your child’s playing moments thrilling. It buzzes around indoors and outdoors with swiftness.

You can play with this lightweight and sturdier drone inside the house. Because if it collides with the bookshelves and wall, it doesn’t do any harm to them. You’ll fly the drone with no worries about the unfortunate collision of the walls and your favorite toy.

Altitude Hold

Like we said earlier, it’s an agreeable gadget for beginners. The Altitude Hold feature is one of the accurate points to favor this statement. It helps you to hold better control over the drone, even if you’re using it for the very first time.

The Altitude Hold increases the drone’s ability to maintain a consistent position in the air, even when you keep your hands off of the remote control. Its Intellectual System recognizes the pressure provided by the Air Pressure Sensor. The drone uses this sensor to stabilize the altitude hold.

Excellent Response

What would the situation look like when a flying drone takes longer than one second to respond to the remote control system? The Holy Stone assures you that this won’t be the situation with this efficient drone. It has an exceptional Quick Response Rate; it follows your command within a millisecond to give you consistent performance.

And the 30-50 Meters Control Range permits you to keep up with the flying drone. The noise and obstacles of your surroundings may affect the range. If you want to attain an improved control range, you can change the Antenna of the control system to get a further range distance.

Headless Mode

The best feature of this HS170 Mini Drone is its headless mode. It somehow keeps the pilot worry-free about the drone’s direction in the air. Its Built-in Ability remembers the orientation of the drone at the time of takeoff.

The major benefit of this feature is it doesn’t let the drone confused about the transmitter signals and directions. When you press the Left button, the drone moves to your left side without being affected by the orientation. Results in improved performance and excellent stability.

Battery Life

Usually, the flying drone’s battery life is not over 7 minutes, doesn’t matter how many hours it gets to charge. But that’s not the case with the HS170 Flying Drone, it gives you double flying time with less charge. It has 2 mAh Li-ion batteries, each battery gives 6 to 8 minutes of playtime.

That means you’ll get up to 15 minutes of flying time and can have more fun with your family. If you get any difficulty in connecting the battery, you can get the help of its Beneficial Customer Support.

What’s In The Box?

In the package box, you’ll get

  • One RC Nano Quadcopter
  • 4G Remote Controller (Batteries Not Included)
  • 2 350mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Four Additional Blades
  • Beneficial User Manual
  • Screwdriver and Propellers Crowbar For Easy Assembling

The HS170 Mini Drone comes with proper guidance and essential tools for your easiness. Its User Manual is in simple language that your child will understand in five minutes and will be ready to fly the drone. Don’t forget to buy the batteries for the remote control separately, as they’re not included in the package

Final Verdict

The simple control system with an impressive control range is an efficient package for having an amazing fun time.

By taking 45 minutes of charging, it offers impressive performance for 15 minutes straight. We like the Altitude Hold feature a lot, it’s the best feature for children and first-time users.

Have you decided to buy this drone? Do you like its features as much as we do? If you’re buying it for your teenage child then this will be a great gift for them.