The Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speaker Review

The Logitech Z407 is a Bluetooth computer speaker that delivers immersive sound. Its down-firing woofer and digital signal processing help you experience the utmost in sound quality. The speakers are also adjustable, so you can place them horizontally or vertically. The speakers also have a wireless control dial, so you can adjust the volume using the Bluetooth connection.

Low-frequency presence isn’t as powerful as you might hope from a 2.1 setup

The Z407’s low-frequency presence isn’t as deep as you might expect from a 2.1 setup, but it does sound very clean. You’ll find that the bass elements of your music sound full and punchy, and the vocals are clear and crisp. Even at high volumes, the Z407’s DSP squashes sibilance, so there’s no hazing or ringing at the top end of the volume curve. As you might expect from a 2.1 set, low-frequency presence is concentrated in the traditional lows and mid-range frequencies. But the sub-bass presence isn’t as deep as you’d hope.

The Logitech Z407 is a good budget option. At $40, it’s cheaper than the Harman Kardon SoundSticks 4, but it lacks wireless connectivity. If you need Bluetooth capabilities and a 2.1 setup, the Z407 is a great choice. It’s also a good upgrade from the Pebble Plus. If you want powerful bass and crisp definition, the Z407 is worth considering.

Logitech Z407

Subwoofer is down-firing

The Logitech Z407 is a pair of Bluetooth computer speakers with a down-firing subwoofer and wireless remote control. They are compact enough to fit on your desk and provide immersive sound with deep bass and clarity. They feature a 2.1 speaker system with 80 watts of peak power and a ported, down-firing subwoofer.

The subwoofer is down-firing and measures 9.45×9.21 inches. The speakers themselves have capsule-shaped satellites and a dark gray finish. There are also 3.5mm auxiliary and micro-USB inputs, as well as an output for the left and right satellite speakers.

Another feature of the Logitech Z407 subwoofer is a wireless control dial that lets you control volume and skip tracks. The dial also lets you adjust bass levels. The control dial is powered by two AAA batteries and has a range of 65 feet.

Wireless dial

If you have a Logitech Z407, then you’ve probably heard about the wireless dial. The wireless dial is a wireless system that has three ways to connect to your computer. You can connect your wireless dial to your PC via USB, Bluetooth, or micro USB. The dial also has a one-click button and a play/pause button.

Wireless dials can be controlled from a distance of up to 65 feet. They also have many functions, including volume and skip/play/pause. The dial also allows you to adjust the bass level. It’s powered by two AAA batteries. With the wireless dial, you can change the volume, play/pause tracks, and adjust the bass level.

Logitech’s Z407 Bluetooth computer speakers have a subwoofer and wireless control dial for better audio quality. They also have a 2.1 speaker system for powerful, immersive sound. The speakers can be positioned horizontally or vertically. A detachable stand makes them easier to place at different angles.

Sound quality

The Logitech Z407’s sound quality is impressive for a compact, affordable set of speakers. The speakers’ digital signal processing flattens out dynamics even at high volume levels, and their subwoofer has almost no distortion. The audio from heavy rock tracks like A Day to Remember and Killswitch Engage sounds great and has a balanced treble edge.

The speaker system is compatible with both Bluetooth and 3.5mm jacks. It is compact and provides excellent volume for its price, but the subwoofer is a bit too high and may overpower other frequencies. Despite this, the Logitech Z407 is still an excellent all-purpose audio solution.

The Z407 isn’t the best choice for audiophiles. Although its sound is surprisingly good at high volumes, it struggles to maintain a balance at moderate volumes. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever play the speakers at their maximum volume. However, if you want to experience a high-end gaming experience without breaking the bank, the Z407 is a great choice.