8 Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drone in 2022

We all are familiar with this latest technological product ‘Drone Camera’ because they are cool and are a great satisfaction for those who love perfect photography. They enable a person to capture the moment in a new, unique style plus they can be a good source of entertainment because of their additional features. In this article, we have selected a few Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drone, for discussion. These products come with their own advanced, distinguished qualities along with trendy features. But, if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, then must look at the ‘’top pick’’ of our article, SIMREX X300C Mini NFL Drone.

Our selected Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drone possesses the top qualities, among all the contemporary items. They come with amazing resolutions (video capturing ability) plus are best because of their distinguished working criteria. Read the whole article to gather detailed knowledge of these items. But at first, have a look at the comparison table below for the understanding of the main distinguishing features;

While reading further, you’ll get the whole idea about our selected Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drones. Their structure and precious features are well explained with all other required details of the products. These products are manufactured according to the requirements of customers, to facilitate you up to the best.

Read the whole article to better understand the products, and enable yourself to choose the best fit for you.

Top 8 Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drone At a Glance:

  1. SIMREX X300C Mini Drone
  2. Ryze Tech Tello Drone
  3. Contixo F24 Pro
  4. DJI Mini 2
  5. Contixo F22 FPV
  6. DJI Mavic Pro
  7. DEERC D10
  8. Mini Foldable Drone

8 Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drone You can Buy Today

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone


3-speed modes

110-degree angle FPV camera

360-degree flips and rolls

Multiple methods of control

Propeller protection


The controller does not have joysticks

This product allows you to see the world from great heights hence enabling you to enjoy the moments that can’t be seen clearly with the naked eye. This mini Drone has highly responsive and powerful functions. It provides you with a wide angle and a clear picture so that you can enjoy the moments to the best. Now we are going to list its amazing features starting from the weight. This mini drone weighs only 8.1 ounces and has 4.5 x 1.29 x 1.96 inches of dimensions. This feature makes it super easy to carry it with you wherever you go. To protect the aircraft from being damaged and extend its service life, it is designed with a propeller protection ring. Also, it comes with SIMREX dual-essence control which allows you to control it with either your mobile phone or with the remote control. You can release the throttle stick and the drone will still keep the current height with its air pressure altitude hold function. You can enjoy the high-quality real-time image provided by its High Resolution 1920*1080. Lastly, it is easier to control and fly back because the orientation of the NFL Drone is with the pilot. To experience the speed sense of flying, you can use it with VR glasses hence protecting your eyes from getting hurt. It comes with 360° Flips & Rolls which allows you to explore every angle and make the whole process much more fun and enjoyable.

Ryze Tech Tello Drone

Boost Mini Tello Drone


One-tap EZ Shots

High picture and video quality

Tello EDU app supports Scratch

High-capacity battery



Connectivity problems

This one is made on our list of best micro foldable selfie drone because of its awesome features that give you a heavenly experience so that you can enjoy every little moment. It has a sleek design and an amazing camera that gives you the perfect view. It is made of durable material so you will be having it for a long time. Now coming down to its features, this Mini Drone is extremely lightweight with only 2.72 ounces along with dimensions of 9.21 x 7.8 x 2.09 inches making it easy to carry around. For ultra-stable video, the transmission comes with two antennas. It captures pictures with its 5MP camera that provides sharp edge images and videos quite efficiently. Besides, if you are a starter you don’t need to worry because its one-tap EZ Shots will enable you to click moments perfectly so you can share them with your family and friends.  To perform awesome tricks indoors and outdoors, a flight controller that is powered by DJI will help you a lot along with the APP. It has a maximum focal length of 82.6mm. To sum it all, this mini Drone is just for you if you want a product that is easy to control and is also worth the money. It is equipped with high-quality image processors giving you the best possible results. This advanced technology tool will make it super easy to develop programming skills while playing competitive games.

Contixo F24 Pro

4K GPS Drone


Gesture control

Intelligent battery

Auto return home

Custom flight path

GPS technology


Right front rotor issues

This drone comes with additional features which make it prominent among its counterparts. This foldable drone has a great flight time which allows you to use it well. It comes with great picture and video quality giving you a wide angle of view without any picture distortion. This wifi camera has a compact design and is lightweight. Now let us list some of its great features. This drone weighs only 1.14 pounds and has 12 x 8 x 8 inches of dimensions. It gives a wide view of the memorable moments with its 120° FOV lens and 4K Ultra HD picture quality and 2.7K video that are 90° Vertical Adjustable. It has 30 minutes of flight time with each charge. Also, to make sure a powerful and smooth flight with extremely low chances of breakdown, this Flying Spinner Mini Drone is equipped with Brushless Motors. This has a compact design with foldable capabilities and you can install and uninstall the propellers according to your desire. The GPS allows you to keep an eye on everything you want to. In the end, its one key return allows it to move back to fly back to the takeoff point even if it ran out of battery or loses connection. By making a ‘’yeah’’ sign, the camera will start taking pictures, and the ‘’palm’’ action will enable it to start the video on its own. You can enjoy the first-person view with its 3D view mode making it a great choice.

DJI Mini 2

Ultralight and Foldable Drone


3-AXIS GIMBAL with 4K Camera

4X Zoom

OCUSYNC 2.0 Video transmission

Quick shots

Compact and convenient design


Sometimes gets shaky

This foldable Flying Spinner Mini Drone stands out in our list of best micro foldable selfie drones because of its stunning picture and video quality along with impressive performance that allows you to enjoy every little moment to its fullest. This comes in plain gray giving it an expensive look despite its affordable price. It is durable and has decent battery life. Coming down to its awesome features, this product is extremely lightweight with only 8.8 ounces along with 5.71 x 5.51 x 7.36 inches of dimensions. These features make it fit even in small pockets when not in use. This one comes with a 12mp camera which gives you sharp edge image results allowing you to capture moments perfectly. Also, with 4k/30fps video it enables you to record the moments of your family and friends you love without picture distortion. It has an amazing battery life which allows it to have 31 minutes of flight with just a single charge and the advanced battery charges in a short time.  This Flying Spinner Mini Drone can resist 5 level wind with optimal performance. All in all, this one is a perfect choice as it has a max altitude of 4,000 meters. This takeoff capacity allows you to see the world from a great height. It can adjust automatically between two frequencies with its Built-in OcuSync 2.0.  its convenient operation, quick shots, and compact design make it your best travel partner.

Contixo F22 FPV

Foldable Drone Camera


Pre-Assembled GPS

Video Transmission With WiFi

Orbit Mode

Gesture control

Auto return home


GPS connectivity problems

This foldable drone camera comes with gesture control which makes it super easy to click pictures and shoot videos. It has a portable case so that you can place it carefully inside it while not in use. Having a high resolution and awesome picture quality this camera becomes prominent in this list of best micro foldable selfie drones.
Talking about its weight, it is like a big performance in a small package as it is only 1 pound along with dimensions of 9.5 x 7 x 4 inches. Its Auto-return home allows it to fly back to the point of flight even if it loses connection or runs out of battery. For a broader view of loveable moments, it comes with a 120° FOV Lens and a 90° Vertical Adjustable camera.
Furthermore, it features a 2K FHD FPV Camera with video transmission of 1080P HD providing you with the best quality possible. Its built-in GPS enables you to track every movement of your family and yourself. It has a decent battery life of 15 to 20 minutes so that you can observe the scenery as much as you want.
To sum it up, it gives you the perfect view from a 360-degree angle because it features “Orbit Mode”. The gesture control allows you to take as many pictures as you want. This NFL Drone supports video transmissions within a range of up to 750 feet. The HD clips will automatically be stored on an SD card so that you can enjoy or share them with your loved ones.

DJI Mavic Pro

Fly More Combo Drone



Wifi connection

OcuSync transmission system

40mph (64kmh) flight height

27 minutes of battery life


Charging issues sometimes

This product brings extra features that will enable you to click every moment you want to with great accuracy. You don’t need to charge it often because its advanced batteries have a decent life. Its high-quality camera provides you with stunning clarity and awesome sharpness. It operates quite well and does not shake under strong wind blowing.
Now we are going to take a look at its amazing features starting with its weight. This combo Drone is a little bit heavier than its companions but it only adds a great list to its benefits. It weighs 4 pounds along with 12 x 12 x 12 inches of dimensions. it comes with a shoulder bag that allows you to carry it wherever you want with ease.
Besides, this Flying Spinner Mini Drone has up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range which is made possible by its New OcuSync transmission system.  It has a video capturing resolution of 4K which ensures a smooth and stabilized footage track. This product has an awesome flight height of 40mph (64km/h) so you can watch the world from the sky.
Last but not least, this NFL Drone has 27 minutes of battery life from a single charge. This feature enables it to work efficiently for almost half an hour so you won’t get interrupted by the low battery and can enjoy it for a longer period. With this, you can make professional-level videos as it comes with Tap Fly and other amazing features.


Foldable Drone Camera


3-speed modes

HD camera FPV transmission

Headless Mode

Quick shots and Tap fly

One key start/landing


Stops working sometimes

This foldable drone made our list of best micro foldable selfie drones because it provides you with great durability as it comes with  4 sides Propeller Guards that improve its overall performance and increase its safety. This selfie tool is extremely user-friendly and has long battery life allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest.
Coming down to listing its features, this product weighs only 1.42 pounds and has 11.06 x 9.01 x 3.5 inches of dimensions. It enables you to capture the best shots and high-quality videos with its 720P HD Camera resulting in sharp edge photos. For awesome image transmission, it comes with  FPV Wi-Fi Transmission.
Furthermore, you can easily fly this drone without getting worried about the direction with the help of its headless mode. This feature makes it super easy to fly the drone perfectly especially when it is not in sight. One of the best features is that you can quickly and effortlessly control it with one key takeoff and landing making it more reliable.
Towards the end, your drone camera will be stable and can steadily operate in the air with its  Altitude Hold so that you can capture the loving scenery with great results. When your drone runs out of battery it will automatically send you the signals so you can fly it back. Its gesture control allows you to click moments quickly and perfectly.

Mini Foldable Drone

Quadcopter Camera


One key takeoff/landing

Headless security system

APP control

1080P + HDR HD photos

360° flip and roll


Picture quality problems

This last product on this list of best micro foldable selfie drones is extremely user-friendly with its quick yet easy to handle controls. This one is made of high-quality material enabling it to be with you for a long period. It comes with APP connectivity so you can control it through the screen of your smartphone making it much more desirable.
Listing its amazing features, this quadcopter camera weighs only 9.5 ounces which is much lighter. This product has 3 x 2.2 x 0.87 inches of dimensions. its compact design and small size allow you to fit in your palm. It captures sceneries perfectly with its 1080 HD camera. You can take stunning shots even at great heights with its optical altitude hold function.
Also, this drone can perform different stunts including 360° flip and roll along with trajectory flight and much more. This product ensures a steady and stable flight with its latest 4-axis gyroscope technology. Operating this drone is like a walk in the park because it features one key takeoff/landing which enables you to enjoy capturing moments effortlessly.
In the end, its headless function is perfect for beginners as it makes flying the drone much more easy. This drone can be connected to the APP, APK system through its wifi functions so that you can share pictures and videos with your friends and family with your smartphone. To get the best experience you can use it with VR glasses and enjoy the scene.

Buying Guide:

Selfie drones are now a part of fashion, they are used for different purposes under different situations, for instance, to capture the precious moments in weddings, taking a perfect, unique view for your video, sometimes are used professionally for movies and documentaries, etc. They add up the excitement to your experience by recording it.

But, buying a good quality drone or a best micro foldable selfie drone can be a tricky thing sometimes. You have to be very careless as it is a sensitive product plus you should know the features to better understand the product quality. let’s read out the points you should consider while buying a selfie drone;

  • Your purpose of buying a done
    First and foremost of all, consider in your mind ‘the work type’ which you have in mind to do with the drone. If you need it as a beginner it should be different from the professional item or you may need a small size, the latest feature possessing a drone with a small size for better, efficient working. So, must buy a product according to your need.
  • Check out, are they portable, Foldable, or not
    Portable, small-sized drones with a foldable structure can be the best option to buy. They come with smart features to give you perfect results plus can be the best option to buy for entertainment purposes. Heavy drones are rarely used by those who want them for some big, professional purpose.
  • Easy and simple step operation
    Drones that need few simple steps for their start and operation can be considered more, as they cannot complicate things and save your time. Plus, they can start capturing within no or less time rather than those who require a lot of time for their start-up.
  • Battery timing plus other essential features
    Battery timing is one of the most important things to consider while buying a selfie drone. If the battery timing of your chosen drone is less, it’ll irritate you in the future. satisfactory or moderate battery timing enhances the worth of a drone as it provides a long run work without interruption.


In the end, after reading the whole article, I hope you are now clear-headed and have got all the information, for which you have clicked on this article. These all products ‘best micro foldable selfie drone is selected for discussion, after the approval of expertise plus the unbiased reviews collected from customers.

Other than that, you can either choose the best one ‘our top pick’ suggested item (given to save your time), mentioned at the start of the article. These products are best in their own distinguished but advanced features and can be chosen to add convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are selfie drones?

A selfie drone is a small-sized, mostly less than 2 fee, flying vehicle, which is used to take pictures and videos from a large distance, in the air. It comes with a small structure, sometimes foldable structure possesses amazing features to make your pictures and videos memorable, and provides clear wide-ranged images with its great sized resolution.

How do you use a selfie drone?

First of all, enter the intelligent flight mode menu
Then select the option active track mode
After that set the target
Press the button ‘go’
You can continually choose its way of going
And pressing ‘record’ you can record anything, or you can ‘capture’ the photo also

Can you fly drones without a license?

It varies from area to area and also depends on your purpose of flying a drone. If you are using it to make money, you need the permission ‘license’ (mostly happens in the USA). But for fun purposes, no permission is needed.

What is the best drone for beginners?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone Camera can be the best option for beginners. It comes with a foldable small structure plus three batteries. It can be folded up to a very small structure almost like a small bottle.

Which drone is the best value for money?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone Camera can be the best option according to rates.