Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

The following is a Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List, updated as of June 2022. The list consists of the most famous heroes, from Valir to Tia. You can read on to learn more about these characters. In addition, this article will cover the new hero tiers, which you can unlock by leveling up. Read on to discover which heroes you should level up and how to get the best possible experience in this game.


To know the best characters in Mobile Legends Adventure, you must read this tier list! Valir has a high DPS, and his abilities consistently drain enemy health. You should consider playing Valir if you want to be a top hero in the game! This mobile RPG isn’t like other MMORPGs, which require hours of grinding.

The D-rank heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure are usually the underdogs. They don’t provide enough value to their teams and often drag down more powerful heroes. Eudora is a relatively average elemental unit. She uses a weapon and shield to deal damage. She has an ability called Forked Lightning, which stuns enemies for a second and unleashes lightning that deals 120% of her attack power.


If you are looking for the best hero to play in Mobile Legends Adventure, you’ve come to the right place. There is no better way to rank your character than to look at the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List. This list ranks the best feelings in the game according to their strengths and weaknesses. Listed below are the best characters in the game by Tier. You can also check out the other MLA character tier lists.

Gavana: Another tank above average in the game; Gavana is an excellent choice for teams looking for a tank that can turn the tide of a battle. Her ultimate skill channels Moonlight and deals 100% of attack power damage multiple times. All heroes in the B-tier list are mediocre. Like any other hero, these heroes have strengths and weaknesses. They can be improved with upgrades.


If you’re looking for the best hero in Mobile Legends Adventure, you’ve come to the right place. This Atlas ranks the best heroes based on their stats, abilities, team value, and synergy. Here’s a quick guide to each character’s Tier. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our community. We love hearing from you! We’ve also compiled the best mobile games tier lists to help you find the right heroes for your team.

As with the other MOBA games, the Mobile Legends Adventure game has a vast roster of characters. In addition to familiar characters, players can choose from an extensive list of new characters. The game’s tier system helps gamers determine which characters to play and which to avoid. In addition, the tier list provides valuable information about how to increase your character’s power. In addition, the tier list also contains essential information such as a character’s stats and skill level.


The D-rank units in Mobile Legends Adventure are generally underdogs in the game and don’t provide enough value to their teams. They can also drag on higher-tier characters. Eudora is a mid-tier fundamental unit with decent attack power. Eudora’s ultimate skill, Forked Lightning, deals AoE damage and stuns enemies for a second. Her lightning bolts have a 50% chance of hitting multiple targets. After using her ultimate skill, she also regains health points, but this is a small price.

Rafaela is a decent healer, as she can heal teammates often with her Light of Retribution. Rafaela can heal two teammates for 640% of her attack power and restore her teammates’ health by healing enemies with her Shadow Spell. Rafaela may be a better option for you if you’re looking for an elite healer. In addition to healing teammates, Rafaela also has a few unique abilities that make her an excellent choice.


If you’re a fan of Mobile Legends Adventure, you may be looking for the best hero in the game. You’ve probably heard of heroes like Gatotkaca and Hylos, but how do you decide which of them is the best? The following article will explain how to determine a hero’s Tier. These rankings are based on how well each hero plays together on a team and how well they synergize with other characters.

The Dark-type unit D Kaja is a solid tank, and she’s capable of buffing her teammates. She also has decent AoE damage and powerful ultimate skill that channels Moonlight. Kaja is a good support unit in the D-tier Mobile Legends Adventure tier list, and her lightning bolt deals AoE damage and bounces three times. This makes her an excellent hero for teams with weaker heroes, but she’s not as strong as her Dark-type counterparts.


As a player of Mobile Legends Adventure, you have probably seen the game’s mobile versions. They are based on the battle arena format with team play. Players have control over the action and attack lane. Collecting the right heroes to get the best team in the game would be best. If you’re unsure which heroes to use, check out the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List.

The Order hero Amaterasu is an excellent team player and decent damage dealer. Her Light Glow ability allows her to shoot four light arrows at the furthest enemy unit. These arrows deal burst damage and reset if she is interrupted during the cast. Her HP increases to 200% of her Attack at Lv.3. Whether you’re playing the game for a long time or improving your team’s overall performance, the Amaterasu is an excellent choice.


If you’re looking for a new hero to play, consider getting a Gavana. This DPS hero is a master of buffing teammates and does decent damage in AoE attacks. Her ultimate skill, Moonlight, channeled by Gavana, deals 100% attack power damage multiple times. This B-tier hero is an average performer, but you can upgrade her to make her more potent.

The Mobile Legends Adventure tier list ranks the best heroes in the game by their stats and abilities and their value on the team. Heroes are organized by their synergy, team synergy, and team structure, so you can use your team’s most effective units to boost your own. But before you buy a Gavana, you should understand how she ranks.


You’re on the quest to find the best ways to level up Gavina in Mobile Legends Adventure, and here’s how to do it. The correct way to level up Gavina is to grind on the first level. To do this, you can use the following tips:

  • Build your team carefully. It would be best if you focused on a combination of heroes that complement each other. A Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List will help you make the right decision and build a winning team. Once you have your team, you can prepare for ranked pushes and the top rewards. Once you’ve crafted a great team, you can start enhancing your heroes. The maximum characters in Mobile Legends Adventure are listed below.
    Gavana’s ultimate attack

Compared to other units, Gavana’s ultimate attack is potent. It deals enormous damage and grants all teammates buffs. It increases teammates’ agility, stability, and damage dealt to enemies. In addition, Gavana can cast her ultimate skill and heal herself or any teammates. This ultimate attack also gives her an enormous amount of extra health. While Gavana has many powerful moves, these are only a handful of them.

To make the most out of your hero’s abilities, you’ll want to level up her passive skills, such as Armor Repairs. This passive allows her to gain a shield when she loses 20% health and dispels most control effects. Gavana also has two other powerful skills. Her Depth Charge deals massive damage to enemies in her path and knocks them airborne. She can even reduce the enemies’ attack with Depth Charge when leveled up.

Tia’s ultimate attack

Tia’s passive skill, the Dragon Orb, deals tremendous damage to enemies. It also reduces enemies’ movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds. When Tia uses it, her basic attack becomes an AoE attack that deals 192% damage and stuns enemies for a second. It is also castable without cost. As with other Mobile Legends Adventure heroes, the higher the Tier, the better Tia’s ultimate attack will be.

Mobile Legends Adventure is a new mobile MOBA game that recently went live on Reddit 2022. You can see the strengths and weaknesses of each hero by looking at the Tier List. You can also check out what other players have said about the heroes you should collect to use them effectively. Once you’ve chosen the best characters, you’ll be ready to enter the battle arena and begin collecting them.