Mobile Legends Tier List

If you’re an experienced MOBA player, you’ll want to know what your heroes are worth before you spend your precious gold on new heroes. This Mobile Legends tier list will show you all the essential information you need to know. It was created by experienced MOBA players and is regularly updated to reflect the ever-changing meta-game. The list is divided into four categories: A+ and A-rank heroes, Support units, Marksman heroes, and Tanks.

A+ and A-rank heroes

If you are a veteran player looking for a way to improve your game, checking out the Mobile Legends tier list is a great place to start. The list is updated regularly to reflect the latest game changes and contains all the information experienced players need. The list also includes information on the character’s overall stats and ranking. The authors of the list are experienced MOBA players, so they have compiled data that reflects the game’s current state.

The Mobile Legends tier list is a document created by Zathong that ranks heroes in order of their viability in ranked games. The list includes Jawhead, Change, Khufra, Roger, Kagura, Lenox, X.Borg, and more. Players should look through the list to see which heroes will be best for their team and playstyle.

As for the heroes themselves, the S+ and A+ tiers are the strongest and most difficult to counter. A+ and A-rank heroes are more balanced and less powerful but still firm and perform well in most games. On the other hand, B-tier heroes are less powerful and fit into specific types of attack. A+ and A-rank heroes in the Mobile Legends Tier List 2022 are the best options for newcomers or those unfamiliar with the game.

Support units

The D-rank Mobile Legends Adventure support units are the underdogs of the game. They can’t provide enough value to their teams and are often a drag on higher-tier characters. Eudora is a solid elemental support unit that rains lightning bolts and electricity from the sky. The ability forked lightning deals massive damage and stunned enemies for a second. In addition, it steals health points from enemies to reduce their overall damage.

The Mages in Mobile Legends are potent spellcasters who can dish out a lot of magic damage. Their crowd control abilities and severe damage make them a high priority for opponents. Marksman heroes, another support class, are high damage ranged characters who are excellent at pushing towers. However, their early-game power is not enough; they need to watch their positioning and weaker opponents. Support units have several advantages; their ultimate goal is protecting their teammates.

The Mobile Legends tier list lists heroes by their overall contribution to the team. Higher-rank heroes typically help their teammates win battles, while lower-ranked heroes may be needed to complete missions. The Mobile Legends tier list is invaluable for choosing the right hero for your team. The list shows the ranking of each hero on a scale from S-D. The lower ranks are a bit more challenging to decide, but if you’re looking for an easy way to choose the best hero, a tier list is a great guide.

Marksman heroes

The Mobile Legends tier list is an excellent tool for finding the best hero for your team. This guide ranks all heroes from S to D to pick the best one for your team. Each tier ranks the hero on a scale from S to D, with higher levels being more assertive. The list is updated regularly to account for new changes in the game’s meta.

Listed below are the best Marksman heroes for 2022. While some players may not be able to get their hands on this list right now, they are strong heroes that will help you win the game. The best way to choose the best hero for your team is to think about what you’ll need from the hero you’re playing. The top heroes are those that offer a wide variety of playstyles.

The mobile game has over a hundred characters, and knowing which ones are the best for your team will help you decide which ones to pick. The three main types of characters are Marksmen, Fighters, and Tanks. Every tier has a different role. Knowing which hero to play and which ones to avoid can help you choose the best hero in 2022. In addition to the tier, there is also the tier of each hero’s abilities.


Among the many classes available in Mobile Legends, Tanks are often the best picks for any team. With over a hundred unique characters, it can be challenging to determine which brawler to choose for your team. This guide will help you determine which brawler to play and which to avoid. Every team needs an engage, usually a tank, and a support and damage dealer. The damage dealer should be either magic or physical.

The best tank for this season is the Tigreal, known for defending teammates and absorbing damage. He is also a decent support roamer and can defend teammates and turrets when needed. Listed in the B-tier list are the heroes who do a decent job on the team, but they could do with being upgraded. For example, a good Tigreal can heal and help teammates with their damage absorption ability.

In Mobile Legends, a team must pick at least one tank. Each hero has unique strengths and weaknesses, but they can all help their team win. A tank is a powerful all-rounder who can play every group position, while other heroes are better at a particular role. A tank is often the best choice for any team if the team doesn’t have many all-around heroes.

C-rank heroes

If you want to choose the right hero for your team, it’s good to know how to rank each hero in Mobile Legends. Heroes are rated from S to D, with S being the best, D being the worst, and C being somewhere between. A hero with a higher tier will typically help their team members win more battles than a lower-rank hero. On the other hand, a lower-rank character may require a great deal of experience before they can perform well. A Mobile Legends tier list is an excellent resource for choosing the right hero for the right team, as it ranks each hero from S to D.

If you are new to the game, learning about the various classes and their strengths and weaknesses is an excellent place to start. You can choose heroes based on their roles, such as support and engagement. In addition to this, you can also choose between physical and magic damage dealers. You can improve your hero’s performance and skill level as you progress in the game. If you’re new to Mobile Legends, the best way to learn more about this popular MOBA game is to read our Mobile Legends Tier List 2022.

Although not as powerful as A-tier heroes, B-tier heroes are an integral part of the game’s meta. They don’t get banned as often in competitive games and are often a solid pick. Their disadvantages are well balanced by their strengths and weaknesses. This makes them an excellent cornerstone for a well-optimized team. You’ll want to be sure to choose heroes you enjoy playing, and the better you get at it, the faster you’ll move up the HeroRanks.

D-rank heroes

If you’re interested in the best heroes in Mobile Legends, you’ll find it helpful to know their tiers. These lists list the heroes from S to D, using D as a baseline. The top rank heroes are considered the best, while the bottom rank heroes are not worth your time, but they can help you win matches if you choose them wisely. This Mobile Legends tier list was created by professional MOBA players experienced in the game’s playstyles. This list also keeps up with changes in the game’s meta-game.

The D-rank heroes in the Mobile Legends Tier List 2022 aren’t commonly used in competitive play and may require more skill to master. They’re also not as strong as other characters. But if you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to the game, this guide will give you the knowledge you need to play your heroes. The D-rank heroes in Mobile Legends Tier List 2022 are listed in alphabetical order and ranked from lowest to highest.

D-rank heroes are not necessarily wrong in Mobile Legends. Many of them are pretty good all-around performers. You can play any of them, but you’re better off using them when you know how they can perform their specific roles. This way, you can easily win battles with the best heroes in the game. There are so many D-rank heroes in the game that you’re sure to find one that suits your playstyle and team composition.