One Piece Treasure Cruise Tier List

If you’re looking for a quick overview of the characters in the One Piece Treasure Cruise, you’ve come to the right place. The Tier List is divided into S, A, C, and D tiers. This list will help you determine which characters to level up and use in the game. Here, you’ll find the highest-ranking One Piece characters in each tier. You can also view the list by category.

Characters in S tier

The S tier of the One Piece Treasure Cruise is the most powerful tier of characters in the game. While S-tier characters have many advantages over their lower-tier counterparts, their weaknesses may make them hard to use during battle. The S tier list is updated periodically as new characters are added, and power levels change drastically. So, to improve your character’s abilities, you’ll need to know where to go to get the best feelings.

This OPTC character tier list is not necessarily an official ranking. You can always check the official order to determine which character is better. But remember, this list is only based on the opinion of pro players and may change at any time. It would be best if you also kept in mind that there is a tier C & D and one F tier. Listed below is a list of OPTC’s characters in the S tier.

The S tier includes characters useful for specific scenarios and party compositions. Some examples include Big Mom, Charlotte Katakuri, and Magellan. There are also sun pirates, including Vinsmoke Sanji and Red Hair Shanks. However, they’re not as helpful as their more general counterparts. Depending on the character’s role, you’ll want to use a PSY character to help your party’s chances in battle.
Characters in A tier

There are over a thousand unique characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise. Some are useless for high ranks, while others are great support characters for any squad. These characters have varying playstyles and numbers and are ranked by their effectiveness in battle. Below, we’ll look at the characters in the A tier and how they stack up against each other. This guide will also help you determine which character fits your squad best.

The first tier is A, followed by B, and then C. Characters in the A tier have the best stats but lack the power of the S tier characters. Characters in B and C tiers are mediocre but still usable for most situations. Characters in D and F tiers are not good enough to use and are only used in exceptional circumstances. A tier character is the best option for a player who enjoys the adventure of collecting items and killing enemies.

The tier lists for the One Piece Treasure Cruise are based on experience and player reviews. They are not necessarily official and may differ from others. As you explore the game and develop your crew, remember that the best way to improve your character’s stats is to increase their level and stats. A tier character can help you build a strong crew. If you’re looking for a strong team, this tier list can help you choose the right one.
Characters in C tier

In the One Piece Treasure Cruise, there are three tiers. The first tier consists of characters that are weaker than S-Tier. The second tier consists of strong but not as powerful as S-Tier characters. These characters can be helpful in battle but sometimes require their teammates’ help. A third tier consists of mid-tier characters but is still very strong.

The lower tiers are essentially the same as, the higher tiers. They have the same abilities as higher-tier characters, but a lower-tier character excels in a specific area. Likewise, characters in the C tier are more potent than S-Tier characters but still have their flaws. Characters in the C tier are not necessarily better than their higher-tier counterparts. The lower-tier characters have good numbers but are not as strong as S-Tier characters. While they are not as good as A-tier characters, they can be fun to play but should not be used long-term.

As with any RPG game, hundreds of crew members are available in the One Piece Treasure Cruise. Not all of them are equally good. Some of them are better than others, while others are just OK. But in this game, it’s best to make your own ideal Pirates Crew! The following characters can be great additions to any Crew. You can even choose to use all of them to help you progress through the storyline.
Characters in D tier

Not all characters in the game are created equal. S Tier characters are usually considered the most notable, as they have the best overall stats and can support their team. Characters in the D tier are not always the best choice, as they have different playstyles and limited skills. Here, we’ll take a closer look at each character’s characteristics. Also, note that some characters in the D tier have better overall stats than others.

Generally speaking, D-tier characters can be serviceable depending on the composition of your team. These characters are categorized by their types, such as the PSY character Arlong and the STR character Charlotte Katakuri. While some can serve as the main characters, others are best suited for specific situations. For example, you may want to play one of these characters to help your team overcome the first tough challenge.

There are hundreds of crew members in One Piece Treasure Cruise, and not all of them are equally good. You should know a few things about these characters before you start playing. Generally, each character’s skills and playstyle should complement their teammates’. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, so keep that in mind before you make your selections.
Characters in E tier

The tier system in the One Piece Treasure Cruise is significant for selecting the exemplary character for your squad. The characters in this tier have outstanding numbers and are very useful for crews. Their strength makes them an excellent choice for any team, but their playstyles can be more complicated than the characters in the S and D tiers. The following list lists the characters in each story and their strengths and weaknesses.

OPTC features a dazzling array of character classes and types. It’s possible to build your ideal pirate gang using a mix of E and S-tier characters. Choosing the right crew members will make the game much more enjoyable, so take the time to learn the character classes and the characters’ skills. One Piece Treasure Cruise also allows players to customize their crew and choose from the thousands of surfaces available in the game.

Katakuri is a unique powerhouse fighter with a powerful captain effect that increases cerebral, shooters, and powerhouse attacks. She also has a powerful spell, the Burning Mochi skill, which allows for extensive damage. Choosing the correct characters for your team will help you maximize the rewards and minimize the cost of your crew. If you want to make the best crew for your One Piece Treasure Cruise team, you can choose from a wide range of characters in this tier.
Characters in F tier

Among the hundreds of characters in the game, the most interesting is the character known as F. This tier is reserved for the most powerful characters. However, it is possible to level up the characters in the game even faster by upgrading them. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a series of video games based on the famous manga series One Piece. The game has several tiers based on different classes and types.

There are several characters in One Piece Treasure, each with a different rank. As with any game, choosing the exemplary character for the job is essential. Characters in the F tier are generally nice and friendly, although they don’t have as many abilities as their higher-tier counterparts. The F-tier characters are suitable for squads and have good numbers but lower stats than their higher-tier counterparts.

The most powerful characters in the game are the ones that aren’t the most popular. As a newcomer to One Piece, the character list below will help you decide which character to choose. By reviewing the tier list, you’ll get an idea of what characters are the most powerful and flexible and who is recommended for which class. Listed below are the best feelings in the game.