Protocol Video Drone Review – Things you need to know

Video drones are fun to have some lighter moments with friends and family. Whether you’re inside or outside, they help you have some lighter moments to cherish the blessings you have around you.

Not only professionals, everyone needs to have a handy drone to record some blessed life moments. At a graduation party, a mountain trip with friends, or a simple sitting in the backyard on a breezy summer evening, a video drone can help you view your life from a different angle.

Although the market has many options but choosing the one that is reliable, durable, efficient, handy, and exceptionally excellent for its price is a real challenge. To shorten your search time, here’s an extraordinarily compatible and high-rated Protocol Video Drone Review that will convince you of all the good features.

Quick Features:

  • Handy and sleek design
  • The Black and Gold exterior looks ravishing
  • Scratch-free rubbery exterior
  • Three speeds to choose from
  • 360-degree flip and turns
  • Accessories help the replacement of damaged parts
  • Extra battery included offering some spare flying time

Features that make it a Great Choice:

Protocol Video Drone Review – The Exterior

Protocol Video Drone Review clearly explains that it’s a nice ready-to-fly drone that features a built-in camera for recording some fantastic videos and photographs. 

The drone’s packaging is quite classy and impressive, and from nowhere, does it look like a cheaper drone. That makes it an excellent choice for gift purposes. 

The Drone is sleek and small yet smart to fly even in tight places. It’s handy and comes in a beautiful black and gold color to impress the rivals.

The build material is a somewhat rubbery plastic that prevents any scratches and is completely crash-proof. You can keep it new-looking for a longer time.

The remote controller features many buttons that may look confusing at first glance but seem quite comfortable to use if you take a little help from the product manual.

The remote makes flying, sustaining and landing relatively smooth. It runs on batteries and is quite convenient to command.

Protocol Video Drone Review

Protocol Video Drone Review – The Package Includes

Undoubtedly, the package is an impressive win at making this VideoDrone a love for its users. The box packs everything nicely and safely.

It features the Drone tightly packed and wired over a stiff paper to keep it safe from breakage during delivery or storage.

The remote is also included in the package. Other than this, there are plenty of accessories that impress the user and make the drone even more affordable by cutting after-expenses price.

There’s a charging cable, a data transfer cable, and an extra set of hardware replacements which means if you ever break any part while flying the drone, you can fix it without spending extra money. 

Protocol Video Drone Review – Internals

Sensors: VideoDrone AP is an easy-to-fly AP Drone that suggests 14+ age use, but the child of even 10 years can fly it with all the grace as it features an altitude sensor to support easy flying.

The flying becomes even more comfortable with the support of the auto-launch, landing functions, and hover. 

Other 6-axis Motion Sensor Stabilizers make its maneuverability relatively controlled, and this drone can flip at 360 degrees along with crispy banked turns.

2.4 Gig Transmitter and Flying: With its amazing 2.4 Gig Transmitter, it features an excellent reception range. It gets clearer signals from a wider area, making this drone a great device at this price.

Although some state that it can fly for more than 30 minutes but the flying time is only 7 to 10 minutes, as experienced by the reviewers.

Memory and Data Transfer: Originally, the drone features a 4GB memory card that was enough to hold up to 10,000 images. Also, you can upgrade the storage by adding another card if needed, and that’s great. 

The package includes a wire that you can easily connect to your PC to transfer all your precious moments for data transfer.

Camera Resolution: The camera records impressive videos and photos at whooping 480p which, although isn’t professional but is great for everyday fun recordings. 

Maneuverability and Speed: The drone can move upwards, downwards, right, left, side to side, 4-way 360-degree, and banked turns. In short, you can move it in any direction you want.  Also, you can fly it at 3 different speeds right according to your comfort zone.

Operational Procedure: The usage of this amazing drone is also relatively easy. All you have to do is just connect the batteries inside the drone and adjust it, as mentioned in the manual, to fly it effortlessly.

The Pros and Cons of the Drone:

Mostly, a cost-effective appliance cuts some edges on performance or features to balance reliability with affordability, but in this Protocol Video Drone Review, you’ll notice that customer satisfaction has been the top priority.

Although the cons matter, the lagging points aren’t considerable while keeping the price in mind. For the price, the appearance, features, quality, choice of included accessories, and even the recordings, everything is excellent.


The Protocol Video Drone Review written above is clearly stating that it’s the right choice for having some fun on an everyday basis. It doesn’t serve professionalism but cherishes young, teens, and kids to record some fantastic moments. The design is durable and runs long as its build material is nice, and also, there’s a handful of accessories to help little damage. For the price, it’s a great deal to crack this season.