Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List

Before playing in Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List, you should be familiar with the game’s tier system or the types of Champions you can use. It would be best if you always had S-Tier Legendaries in your party, while Epic and Rare Champions are better kept on the back row. Here’s how to properly use them. Below are some tips to help you get the best results from your raiding experiences.


The Ogryn-Tribe heroes in the Shadow Legends Tier List are among the most formidable units in the game. Their unique abilities make them ideal for both offense and defense. Compared to other races, Lizardmen are the most versatile. They can turn the tides of battle if their enemies are outnumbered. The Skinwalker is excellent for an all-rounder character who can play on offense and defense.

The Tier List shows the strengths and weaknesses of each champion. Legendary champions are more powerful than their lesser counterparts. As long as you know your tier list, you’ll be able to select the best Skinwalker in the game. It’s also important to remember that Legendary champions never dip below the B-tier, meaning their power is much higher than other champions. In contrast, Rare champions are weaker than Legendary champions but have the potential to do amazing things.


Shadow Legends Tier List is an indispensable resource for players looking to boost their game performance. It includes tier lists for all factions and specific game modes. If you’re unsure which champions to pick, use the computer version of the game to check out all the information. The RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List is organized by rarity, epic, and rare. Understanding the Shadow Legends tier list for your team members is essential.


Shadow Legends Tier List features separate lists for legendary, rare, and epic champions. It also features the latest level list for the Red: Shadow Legends raid. There are five-tier lists for different characters. These tier lists are S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and F-Tier. This list also features the Raid A-Tier.


If you want to dominate your opponents, you’ll want to choose a Champion that is best suited for your play style. Negril, an Undead Hordes champion, can heal and damage themselves and has an impressive kit. He can also reduce turn meters, reduce speed, and use poison and stuns. His damage and control abilities make him a good choice for any role in the game. If you can keep your HP and speed high, you can go with this champion.

A champion can be either a good or an evil winner. An outstanding advocate does precisely what it says on the tin. A good champion does just enough to be useful, but nothing more. A null champion is a terrible champion that does nothing. You can use a Champion from this list to build your team. There are also guides for heroes for the barbarian, dwarf, and dark elf tribes.

While these heroes are good in almost any situation, there isn’t a perfect match between them. You can use them to fill gaps and fill in for a specific champion. The tier list for Shadow Legends includes both winners and their abilities. Dwarves are good for offense and defense. If you’re looking for a character that can do both, you should consider the Knight Revenant.

The tier list for Shadow Legends helps you pick the best champions. This tier list is based on the abilities of each character, as well as their usefulness in battle. A sponsor with high HP is essential for any party because it can take a lot of damage and free up other party members. If you have a high-level raid team, you’ll be able to kill anything that stands in its way.

Shadow Legends Tier List


When it comes to the Tier List of Raid Shadow Legends, none other than Bad-el-Kazar can be found. This supporting character plays a crucial role in dungeons and campaigns alike. With high HP and excellent healing capabilities, Bad-el-Kazar is a powerful ally who is incredibly useful in almost any context. If you’re unfamiliar with this legendary warrior, here’s what you need to know about him.

A rare resource, Bad-el-Kazar provides an aura that grants you a 25% Critical Hit Rate in all battles. This is a valuable trait, particularly if you have other DPS units. Despite being a Support type champion, Bad-el-Kazar can still deal massive damage and even solo most content. He’s an excellent pick for any team.

Bad-el-Kazar on the Shadow Legends Tier List is one of the top support champions in the game. He has excellent damage and defense, but he also has decent tanking. He can damage opponents and heal them so that he can be a great support in the right situations. If you’re playing solo, this is an excellent option because you can take care of his tanky skills while he’s on offense.

In addition to the top support champions, you can find a few legendary and epic champions in the raid Shadow Legends Tier List. These champions are top-of-the-line in supporting other team members, so investing in an S Tier champion is highly recommended. A champion’s S Tier value is determined by how well it fits into your team composition. As with any character, Bad-el-Kazar should be your priority.

Bad-el-Kazar with Strength affinity

A Strength-affinity Bad-el-Kazar has several advantages over other Support classes in the raid. He is a powerful necromancer and tends to act through pawns and servants instead of leading an entire gang. In this role, his most significant advantage lies in remaining hidden behind the lines of allies while bringing the power of his terrible magic to bear. Unfortunately, his origins are largely shrouded in mystery.

While the Attack and Defense affinities have advantages and disadvantages, the Strength-affinity champion is a good choice in the Shadow Legends raid. His severe damage and his buffs can help your group’s defense. Likewise, the HP affinity champion is a good choice for the charge, as it can absorb a large amount of damage and still allow other players to move freely. While Strength-affinity champions tend to be more favored in the raid, they are not the best choice for PvP or XP farming.


Choosing the Bad El Kazar with Strength affinity in the raid is brilliant if you plan to solo the content. Its aura provides a 25% Critical Hit Rate in all battles, which is especially useful for DPS units. The stats of Bad-el-Kazar also allow him to solo out most of the content. If you’re planning on a large raid with high-level enemies, you can equip a Bad-el-Kazar with a support champion and get some great bonus from this.

If you’re a champion who loves to deal damage to enemies, you’ll need to be able to buff him with magic or force affinity Champions to stay ahead of the opposition. For example, a force affinity Champion, Nazana, has two AoE attacks and a tremendous ally protection skill. A magic affinity Champion, Peydma, has immense ability and is excellent for destroying enemies in the arena. A good mix of both types of Champions is essential if you want to survive the Shadow Legends raid.

Bad-el-Kazar with Undead Hordes faction

This legendary combattant is a part of the Hordes of the Dead faction and belongs to the Force affinity. Because of his Force affinity, he’s considered a Support class. Bad-el-Kazar’s attacks are potent when he’s alone. This makes him an excellent choice for a catcher or brutal campaign.

In Raid Mode, this hero is an excellent choice if you want to take a support role in an arena team. He can heal your allies if you’re in an offensive formation, but he’s also valuable for a defensive counterattack. His AOE hits and 20% increased damage while poisoning your enemy are great features, too.

Bad-el-Kazar is a legendary support champion from the Undead Hordes faction. He’s an old champion, but his speed and high HP make him an excellent choice for both PvE and raid environments. With constant debuff cleansing and healing, Bad-el-Kazar is the best utility support in the game. Getting him to a legendary level is relatively easy, and he requires only a few legendary books to skill up.

Ghouls are creatures of the night that dwell in tombs and serve as the Dark One’s minions. While some are desecrated Telerian corpses, others have been hidden in the shadows for centuries. Regardless of their race or class, it would be best if you never underestimated their potential to cause death in Raid Mode. It’s never too late to fight back!