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Solace bands have released two albums. The first was titled Further and was a critically acclaimed release. The second, 13 was released in 2003. It features cover art by Paul Vismara and vocals by Scott Weinrich. This album is considered by some to be better than Further. Regardless of your opinion, you will find Solace’s music interesting. You can check out the band’s music and get a discount code by reading this article.

Atomic Solace

Atomic Solace bands are known for their hard rock and metal music. The group has released four studio albums and several extended plays and has had songs featured in a wide variety of media. Their music has been used in video games such as Tony Hawk’s Underground and American Skier and on television shows such as Homewrecker.

The band formed in college when the members realized their musical compatibility and began writing songs. Their passion and originality in their shows prompted the group to record their debut album, Left to Lead, in late 2007. The album received great reviews and was a critical success. The band’s future is bright and they look forward to releasing more music in the future.


If you want a new watch band, look no further than SolaceBands. They feature jazzy tunes that are sure to catch anyone’s attention. Members of the band include Barnes Batubara, Rubina Winnie, Nelson Siahaan, Efraim Purimahua, Rafael Siahaan, and Jeremy Marcelino.

Chad Held and Kohl Henry, both of Penn State, started their business as middle school students in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They earned their undergraduate degrees in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. In addition to SolaceBands, the men also own a women’s headband company and are currently exploring e-commerce opportunities.

Atomic Solace’s music

Atomic Solace’s music is a great combination of pop/rock covers and original songs. The band has been performing for close to two years and has gained an impressive following. Their shows are high-intensity, and their songs draw inspiration from a variety of cultures.

The band recorded their debut album at Trax East, with Eric Rachel producing and engineering the album. The album is released by MeteorCity Records. It features a slick production, and Ryan’s voice sounds surprisingly powerful. The album was widely praised.

Solace Bands

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Atomic Solace’s split EP

Atomic Solace’s split EP with Solarized was released in 2006, two years after the band released its debut album. The band’s split EP included music by both bands. Atomic Solace recorded their first album at Trax East, with producer and engineer Eric Rachel at the helm. The band also released their split EP with Greatdayforup. The album was well received critical acclaim.

Having released four full-length albums and several extended plays, Atomic Solace has refocused its attention on writing new material for future projects. The band has continued to expand its live show, too.

Atomic Solace’s follow-up to Further

After their recent South by Southwest 2009 showcase, Atomic Solace has now shifted back into creative mode, fine-tuning their music and writing sessions. The band has already planned another tour for the future and is eager to hit the recording studio. In their two-year tenure, the group has already exceeded expectations.

Atomic Solace’s popularity is steadily increasing and their following is rapidly growing. Their latest album, Left to Lead, was recorded late in 2007, collaborating with producer Phil Wiesenberger. The album featured 11 original tracks and reflected the band’s position in the local music scene. It was a critically acclaimed album, garnering a fan base and spawning a few relative anthems.