The Mevo Start – A Surveillance Camera For Long-Lasting Edits

The Mevo Start is a new camera from Mevo that is designed for live streaming events and long-form video content. It has the ability to simultaneously record and stream video at up to 1080p. It’s Mevo Camera App allows users to manage video settings, set streaming destinations, and create dynamic live edits.

The Mevo Start - A Surveillance Camera For Long-Lasting Edits

Multi-camera setup

You can set up a multi-camera setup for the Mevo Start by downloading the Multi-Cam app. This app will sync three different Mevo Start cameras and allow you to switch between the three points of view. This will make even a solo stream look more professional. It is also compatible with the standard Mevo Camera and Webcam apps.

Using the multi-camera setup is a great option if you want to make sure your audience gets a good view of all your angles. You will be able to show your viewers the movement of the trainer as they watch. Changing the Time before and after impact is possible from the Multicam app.

Battery life

The Mevo Start is a compact and powerful surveillance camera. It offers a six-hour battery life and can be charged with a USB-C cable. This makes it a perfect option for continuous streaming. Additionally, the camera is also compatible with NDI network capabilities, which will enable you to broadcast live streams over a wide area network. The camera also supports a variety of streaming platforms, including Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

The Mevo Start provides HD video streaming capability with 1080p resolution. It also features impressive low-light performance. The Mevo Start features an HDR sensor, which improves the clarity of the video. Moreover, you can simultaneously record video to a micro SD card and stream it live on the Internet. It also features a three-MEMS microphone audio system, which has been updated to deliver clear audio even in noisy environments.

Audio inputs

The Mevo Start has two audio inputs, one for LINE LEVEL and the other for MIC LEVEL, which can be plugged in via a 3.5mm TS connection. The latter one has additional Audio settings. Alternatively, you can use a headphone adapter to connect your mobile device.

You can select which input to use for each audio source. In the Mevo app, you can choose the built-in microphone or any other supported plugged-in audio source. The app also allows you to mute the microphone. The app also gives you tips on how to adjust the microphones and audio sources.

The Mevo Start is equipped with three high-quality digital MEMS microphones, with a high signal-to-noise ratio. It can be mounted on a tripod or microphone stand and supports both 3.5mm and line-level inputs.

App compatibility

You can use the Mevo App on iPhones and iPad tablets with iOS 11 or higher. However, you must make sure that your device meets the minimum operating system software requirements for Mevo to work properly. If you are not sure if your device is compatible with Mevo, you can look into the compatibility requirements for the specific app before downloading it.

The Mevo Start camera system is primarily used for live streaming. It is easy to use and renders high-quality images and sound. For solo streamers, this camera is extremely helpful. It allows for continual cuts and auto-tracking, making live streaming easy even for amateurs. In addition, it provides solid sound right out of the box, allowing you to slowly add additional accessories as you improve your skills.

Image quality

The Mevo Start is a high-quality video streaming camera that offers 1080p streaming. It features an HDR sensor, which means that you’ll get crisp footage even in low-light situations. The device is also equipped with a micro USB card slot that allows you to record live streams and import them into your editing program.

This camera is compatible with multiple platforms, including YouTube. Its built-in microphones use Fraunhofer uprear technology to optimize sound for better audio quality. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack on the rear to capture external audio. The device supports USB Type-C connections and can connect to a USB Type-C charger. It also allows you to manually adjust the volume of the audio and choose between stereo or mono recording.