Warframe Tier List

If you are looking for the Warframe Tier List, you’ve come to the right place. Whether looking for the Inaros, Hydroid, or Banshee, this article will walk you through the process step-by-step. It will also give you an overview of all the perks and advantages of each character and will help you pick a character that will best suit your gameplay style.


When deciding which Warframe to play, you may wonder how to get the highest Tier. First off, Ivara is a very powerful wireframe with some notable quirks. Her ultimate ability, Molecular Prime, deals massive damage and slows enemies for a massive radius. That’s a huge boon for new players who aren’t sure how to play their wireframes.

In this Warframe tier list, Ivara is rated A. She’s a permanent invisible Warframe that can be very effective in many situations. With her ranged theme, she’s highly versatile. She’s a strong DPS and an agile and cunning Warframe, and she can handle any task. Ivara is one of the strongest A-rank Warframes in the game, but she has some weaknesses.

The top Warframes in Warframe’s tier list are those with excellent damage output and versatile gameplay. However, it’s important to note that the top ranking lists are subjective and are based on individual experiences. Unless you have extensive experience with the game, you can’t judge Warframes by their tier list. If you’re unsure which Warframe to play, check out a Warframe tier list and see which Warframe suits your playstyle.


The Hydroid is a powerful character in Warframe. It uses tactics to control the crowd, including an airstrike that removes enemy armor. It can also turn invincible and use its ‘Tempest Barrage’ ability to deal damage in an area of effect. The F-rank Warframe tier list consists of both challenging and weak frames. Let’s take a look at the best options for playing this character.

Generally, Warframes in the highest Tier is very versatile. They have something unique to offer that sets them apart. Warframe tier lists are highly subjective and influenced by each player’s experience. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to find a Warframe’s tier list, which is valid and accurate in most situations. Use the Warframe Tier List to help you choose the exemplary character for your play style.

If you’re a newcomer to the game, you can also start playing a different character altogether. For instance, you can choose to be a rogue and have an ally use another Warframe. For the most part, the latter two are the best for beginners, though you should be careful and consider your playstyle before making a decision.


To determine if Banshee is the best character in Warframe, you must read this article. The Banshee is a versatile character in Warframe with an elemental alignment and passive damage buffs. It can outclass any character in the game, but only if you set it upright. Here are a few tips for choosing the best Banshee in Warframe.

Banshee’s Desecrate skill makes fallen enemy corpses drop loot. This skill can stack up to 100 times. It is a highly fast-paced form of warfare and remains consistent despite many uses. It scales based on percentage calculation. While the Desecrate ability is an excellent feature for war, many gamers complain that it is overly complex and geared towards specific situations.

Banshee’s innate abilities are unique. Aside from highlighting weak points, Banshee can stun opponents and have devastating AoE. Combined with Resonating Quake mod, Banshee’s skills are efficient for assassinations and Sorties. You can buy the primary blueprint from the market for Banshee in Warframe, and Neuroptics and Systems are dropable from Mutalist Alad V on Eris.


Inaros is the tackiest of the Warframe heroes, but other characters have better skills and abilities. Other characters, like Loki, can make enemies invisible or deal more damage. While Inaros has excellent tanking abilities, his weaknesses make him less effective against different types of enemies. This is one of the reasons why Inaros is ranked as the A Tier. However, if you have the time to play Inaros, you will soon realize why.

Warframe was originally a looter shooter, but later on, it evolved into a story-driven game. Now, there are different kinds of Warframes with unique abilities and combinations. There are also a variety of skins and characters to choose from. It’s essential to know which Warframes are ranked and which are not. Once you know which character is ranked highest, you can pick a favorite and start playing!

The A Tier Warframes are the best for the majority of content. They’re generally versatile and have a great range of skills. On the other hand, B Tier wireframes specialize in a particular area and have average abilities across the board. The C Tier wireframes are only suitable for specific missions and have weak skills. Therefore, they are not ideal for high-level tasks.


The Mesa warframe is one of the most versatile warframes available to play. She can take massive damage, kill enemies with her powerful exalted pistols, and revive the dead. This Warframe is great for survival, but if you want to specialize in a role, you might want to build the Trinity. This character has two powerful abilities, Impalers and Furoticon.

The Rhino is a solid tank with decent damage buffs and scaling. Its Iron Skin will protect you while learning the game. This frame shines during battles against waves of enemies. You can also use its grenades and shields to deal heavy damage to enemies. Mesa also has her ultimate skill, a Peacemaker, which will instantly kill any enemy regardless of their level.

The tier list of Warframes will vary according to player preferences. Generally, the best Warframes are those that excel in at least one area. They’re generally categorized into A and B tiers. Warframes in the higher tiers is outliers. They excel at one thing and are considered suitable for something else. A Warframe’s abilities are the starting point for customization.
Inaros’s signature “Peacemaker” pistols

The Inaros Warframe is an impressively versatile hero, combining utility, long-term invisibility, and massive damage. She has stealth abilities and can trick enemies into clumping up, making her an excellent choice for spy missions. She also has some unique utility skills, such as dripping life from enemies. While she is a powerful and versatile hero, she does have a few weaknesses.

The Inaros’ signature “Peacemakers” are a great way to finish off enemies in Warframe. She has a range of weapons, including her signature “Peacemaker” pistols. While the other characters in the game tend to have powerful melee abilities, Inaros’ signature “Peacemaker” pistols are the most effective.

The Inaros’ ultimate ability is a savior’s shield, but her main strength is her damage buff. She also can jam enemy guns, which makes most defense missions trivial. She also has a valuable utility skills, making it easier for teammates to land headshots and small AoE attacks.


The Mag is a unique frame in the C-rank and is a master of magnetism. Her abilities are strong but require a lot of energy. Her ‘Pull’ ability draws ranged targets closer, while ‘Crush’ costs 100 energy and magnetizes enemies. This ability is powerful against bosses and clumped enemies. It can even punch through weapons.

The Mag can be divided into two leading roles: support and crowd control. In the latter, she splits her time between approval and crowd control. Her Crush ability magnetizes foes, and her whip law can draw offended from enemies. The Mag’s abilities scale almost infinitely. She also has unique skills, such as the Resonator. This ability can destroy enemies and destroy them.

Frost is the premier defensive Warframe, and her Snow Globe ability can create an effective force field, which can easily trivialize most defense missions. Mag, on the other hand, is a jack of all trades, and she can help set up more significant moves by turning enemies into living magnets. This makes it easier for her allies to land headshots and small AoE attacks. If you’re looking for the best Mag in the game, consider getting one of these two.