World Tier List

If you’re a new player to Undead World, you can quickly progress by checking out the Tier List. You can learn which heroes are best for your team and which ones you should avoid. If you’re still a beginner, don’t worry; it’s OK to mix and match characters as you play, and don’t worry about getting stuck with the same team all the time!

Characters that can reach S tier in Undead World

If you’re interested in becoming a hero in Undead World, you should be familiar with the S-Tier heroes. They’re potent units that grant massive SP boosts to their allies and can often deal critical damage to enemies. S Tier heroes are also known for their ability to resurrect zombies and heal their allies. Here are some of the best characters to make S Tier.


This character can deal massive damage to enemies and has a thick shield. Kieran’s signature armor grants a 95% defense boost. It can stun enemies, deal enormous damage, and give defense boosts to adjacent allies. This character can shine in almost any content and is worth the investment. However, if you don’t plan to level him up quickly, you should stick to other characters with higher SP levels.

There are many Undead World characters that can reach the S tier. This list is based on opinions from entering Nation & Zennosh Gacha community. While these lists are opinion-based, they tend to follow the same trends. The top characters in the game are ranked according to their academic strength. An excellent way to see if a character is strong enough is to check the character tier list.

Tank characters provide a powerful shoulder to cry on and are good at preventing enemies from advancing. They can also create a solid barrier to protect their friends. In Undead World, you can choose heroes from different factions. Choosing characters from a section is vital as it can help unlock certain perks. Choose characters with specific abilities to help you gain an edge over other players.

The S tier in Undead World comprises the most effective survival heroes. These characters have high abilities and great stats and are helpful in battles. The S tier is higher than the A tier, but they are still worth playing. So what characters should you be looking for? The first step is choosing the main hero. A character is the best option if you want to become a tier hero, but you must make sure you choose the right one for your team.

While tier A and B tier heroes are good at taking down SS-rank heroes, there are other high-level heroes in this tier that you should consider. Most heroes on this tier are constantly changing between SS and S ranks. This means that they are continually being upgraded with updated stats. They are also great options if you’re not looking to play a new hero.

Another way

to improve your hero is to play as an A-tier hero. A tier hero characters have good stats, but their weaknesses prevent them from reaching the upper tier. The A-tier hero characters can also contact the S tier, but you’ll have to grind to get them there. They’re great at their job but aren’t quite as good as A and B-tier characters.

As far as character tiers go, Helen is one of the most influential heroes in the game. Her unique healing abilities can heal friendly units while resurrecting her as a zombie to deal with massive DMG. Astra is another excellent support unit that can reduce enemy ATK with her heels. Gabriel, an offensive tank character, is another strong character who can heal social divisions. His taunt effect and HP heal can help him stay in the fight against a tier 3 hero.

Hero survival is an immensely relaxing experience but cannot be easy. New players may face difficult stages and may need help from stronger heroes. A more muscular hero can help them progress faster. Using a squad of strong heroes is a great way to maximize your chances of survival. Just remember that your teammates and fellow survivors will need your help to survive. With a bit of help from stronger heroes, you can survive the undead hordes.

The game’s official Facebook page also has several ways to earn extra rewards. Follow the page, and you could get free in-game items! So, now that you know how to level up characters in Undead World, it’s time to start your quest for the S tier! You’ll be glad you did! And remember to keep up the hard work and have fun!

Among the many game modes available in the game are Hero Survival and the PvP mode. In addition to that, there are daily quests and challenges to complete. Completing these quests will earn you XP and items. Also, the game features a guild system so that you can get advice from other players. It’s similar to AFK Arena and Dynasty Scrolls, but in Undead World, you’ll need to strategize around certain factions to be successful in the game.